prayers needed.

i don't normally write about my faith or blog requesting prayer requests. i created this blog as my creative outlet, a place for me to talk about clothes, our growing family and the endless diy projects chris and i have amassed. that being said, today i am asking for prayers. 

a high school friend of mine hallie, has a one-year-old daughter allesandra, who suddenly suffered from heart failure last week.  hallie is a wife and mother of two other small children (one of them being just a couple weeks old).  her daughter has recently been moved to another hospital (at stanford) and doctor's are still looking for answers, but it looks as though little allesandra is going to need a heart-transplant. 

please be praying for hallie, allesandra, allesandra's doctors and the rest of their family. prayers for a donor heart to be found quickly (which in hallie's words would be a "miracle"), prayers for peace of mind, for the doctor's to find answers as to why this is happening, and for allesandra's pain to be comforted. 

life is fragile and can be unexpectedly changed in an instance, so please take some time today to look around you; look at all of the people in your life and be appreciative no matter the circumstance.



  1. You definitely have my prayers for your friend and her precious family. Thank you for that last little paragraph as a reminder. That hit home.

  2. that's terrible! definitely add her to my prayers.

  3. I'm not religious, but I'm definitely sending positive thoughts and hope her way x

  4. Oh gosh, I will definitely be lifting them up in prayer!