national sewing month.

i'm doing my best to contribute to national sewing month (who knew, there was actually a month devoted to sewing).  this weekend chris volunteered to take baby bug to des moines to have a bit of man time, knowing i had a heap of sewing projects to complete.  by heap i mean...

-hemming kaylee's jeans
-fixing a broken zipper on tess' fleece
-finishing the pennants below for rebekah's wedding (see details from craft party i threw to cut all 500 pennants here)
-make some seam adjustments to 5 thrift store dresses (more on this later)
-patch work on a couple cardigan holes/rips.
- finish burp cloths for a couple baby showers.

now, if only i could complete these all on saturday morning! 

wish me luck! 
happy thursday! {monica}

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