autumn craft goals.

nothing like seeing a few of your projects pinned on people's pinterest boards to re-ignight the crafting desire. yep that's right. i was scrolling through some fall diy projects on pinterest this morning, and what did i see? a few of my projects...what the? i couldn't believe it! it seriously made my day!  this was just what i needed to see my huge list of crafty projects through fruition. here's what i'll be tackling after my sewing projects are complete. 

let the projects begin!
happy monday! {monica}


  1. I am totally going to do the jewelry holder, leaf garland and dino hoodie. Those are great projects1 Thanks for the ideas:)

  2. Love all of these! The yarn jewelry holder and makeup bag are especially cute! Xo, Katie

  3. I think I might try the dino hoodie for my nephew! And those numbered pillows look fun too! Thanks for the ideas!

    <3 Jenn