recipe...eggplant salad country-style.

let's face it...eggplant isn't exactly the greatest vegetable. it's bland, mushy, and kinda boring (okay, really boring if i'm being honest).  so when my aunt sent me this recipe for eggplant salad country-style from the cookbook olive and the caper: adventures in greek cooking, i was excited to try it. 

maybe this would be the recipe to make me actually enjoy eggplant?

well, let me tell you, this recipe is awesome!  so good, i am almost positive i will be buying this cookbook over the weekend. (see some book reviews here and here).

the taste is very mediterranean, similar to tabbouleh (although chris for some reason thought it tasted like guacamole?).  if you like greek food, you will love this.  also, it's extremely diet friendly.  it's vegan, vegetarian, low carb, low sugar, low calorie, and gluten free. yay for healthy yummy things!

happy thursday! {monica}


autumn craft goals.

nothing like seeing a few of your projects pinned on people's pinterest boards to re-ignight the crafting desire. yep that's right. i was scrolling through some fall diy projects on pinterest this morning, and what did i see? a few of my projects...what the? i couldn't believe it! it seriously made my day!  this was just what i needed to see my huge list of crafty projects through fruition. here's what i'll be tackling after my sewing projects are complete. 

let the projects begin!
happy monday! {monica}


national sewing month.

i'm doing my best to contribute to national sewing month (who knew, there was actually a month devoted to sewing).  this weekend chris volunteered to take baby bug to des moines to have a bit of man time, knowing i had a heap of sewing projects to complete.  by heap i mean...

-hemming kaylee's jeans
-fixing a broken zipper on tess' fleece
-finishing the pennants below for rebekah's wedding (see details from craft party i threw to cut all 500 pennants here)
-make some seam adjustments to 5 thrift store dresses (more on this later)
-patch work on a couple cardigan holes/rips.
- finish burp cloths for a couple baby showers.

now, if only i could complete these all on saturday morning! 

wish me luck! 
happy thursday! {monica}


look of the day. embarrassing mom-moment

what i'm about to say falls into the "too much information category", so feel free to just bypass this entire post completely. it's a humiliating story, but it happened.  it actually happened.

cohen and i were out and about hitting up a few thrift stores over the weekend. chris was in boston for a school trip, and if he were here none of this would have ever happened (yes, babe...i blame you for this).

so there we were in the car travelling to our last destination when i felt the sudden urge to pee. pre-baby, i could have held this urge for hours, but, post baby? not so much. i knew there wasn't much time and i needed to find a restroom asap.  since we were only a few blocks away from the store, i decided to hold it (a decision i would soon regret), praying there would be a public bathroom i could use. as i drove those few last blocks, getting stopped by every single stinking red traffic light, the urge was getting so bad, i honestly contemplated using one of cohen's diapers to pee in (not the best thought, and no! i didn't follow through with it). 

finally, i got to the store, jumped out of the car, loaded baby bug in his stroller and power walked inside. as soon as i walked in, i saw the restroom sign, thanked the lord for answering my prayer, and headed for the bathroom.  once inside, i bolted for the only handicapped stall i could fit the stroller in and what did i find? the most disgusting (too disgusting to describe) toilet i had ever laid eyes on.  let's just say, by the looks of it, it probably hadn't been cleaned in 20 years.

"crap," i thought (no pun intended), what am i going to do now?  there's no way i was going to leave cohen in the bathroom unattended. not only was i afraid he would touch something, we were also in a seedy part of town.  so i made the decision (hey, i was desperate), to use the restroom with the door open so i could keep my eye on the little guy.

after covering the seat with what i can only assume was 13 layers of toilet paper, i sat down to finally use the restroom....and this is when it happened....the MOST embarrassing thing EVER.  i was mid urination when someone came walking into the bathroom.  there i was on the toilet, door wide open, and a stranger was walking toward us.  with cohen in the walkway, i was hoping the mystery person would use one of the first stalls and not make it to us, but that i soon realized this was wishful thinking.  as the mystery person came closer, i kept thinking, "i'm a terrible mother and this person is going to see me with my pants down." 
my idea of barricading my open stall with my child completely backfired, because next thing i know, a little old woman's face peeking in my stall.

 "is this your son?" she asked
me, "yep" (trying to keep my answers short...hoping she would leave quickly)
old woman, "well isn't he cute"
me, "yep"
old woman, "well isn't he happy?"
[insert cohen laughing and smiling. apparently he thought this was a good time to charm this new person]
me, "uh-huh" (since yep didn't work)

by now, i'm all done and ready to get out of the bathroom as soon as possible, but there is no way i'm going to stand up (and show my business) with a stranger talking to me.  this was humiliating enough on its own. i mean who does this lady think she is, and how does she not realize how awkward this is? she continues on and on, asking me what felt like 647 questions, completely unphased by the fact that i'm sitting on a toilet.

 that's when i got an idea.  since she obviously wasn't going to move (or stop talking) on her own, maybe i could move her myself? so that's what i did. using my right foot (which barely reached cohen's stroller), i started rolling his stroller back towards the door.  inch by inch, i backed the elderly woman up to where she couldn't see me and i couldn't see her. she was un-phased! still gabbing without even noticing. 

as soon as she was out of sight i got up, cleaned up, and pulled my pants up; still in disbelief about what just happened.  i felt like i was in a movie.  i don't even remember how i made it out of the bathroom, i was so utterly uncomfortable with what just happened, my departure was a blur.

so there you have it, my most uncomfortable mom-moment to date. 

button up-f21, tee-target, jeans-gap, shoes-target
{these photos were taken at the previous disgusting thrift store bathroom (chris was gone so sorry about the bad cell phone pics with fluorescent light)...little did i know what would happen in the next one}

happy wednesday! {monica}


thrifting finds. afghans and dresses.

we pretty much hit the thrift store jackpot over the weekend.  maybe cohen's my lucky charm? i got a gigantic mound of lovely things. here is part one of our finds (the other part to come)...

we have been on the hunt for handmade afghans for a while now.  i knew what i wanted, but i didn't want to spend a lot to get them, so i waited. i waited and i waited, hoping to find them at a thrift store for a decent price.  after a few months of looking i finally hit the jackpot and found these two beauties for $1.99 a piece.  can you say, cha ching? of course i was completely freaked out about the possibility of bed bugs, so i did what any irrational mother would do, and quarantined the blankets for 3 days inspecting them on a daily basis, then washed and dried them at a super high temperature three times. i can now say they are bed bug free.

aren't they great?  i just love all the colors.

we also found, these fun dresses.
 the blue dress will need a couple modifications, but i plan to get those completed over the upcoming weekend.
the other dress was an awesome steal. it's a brand new forever 21 dress that i swear i remember spotting on their website last month! not only was it brand new, with the $24.99 price tag still on it, but i was able to buy it for $1.49 at salvation army. crazy huh? 

don't you just love a good deal?
happy tuesday! {monica}

stay tuned for tomorrow's post where i spill my guts about the most embarassing thing ever!


weekending. monster hat.

i cannot tell you how happy i am that it's monday!  don't get me wrong, i loved every second of having baby bug to myself for the past five days, but we really miss chris around these parts!  i mean REALLY miss him!

rather than wallowing in our sorrows, cohen and i did manage to get out and have a little fun on our own while daddy was playing on the east coast. we went on our usual morning coffee dates, did a bit of thrift store perusing (more on this later), made a big pot of my favorite soup ,  alex stopped by for a chat and to pick up a pair of kicks for a baby shower, oh, and cohen picked out his first accessory all by himself.  that's right, i'm teaching him young.  i held out a monster hat and a raccoon hat, and he went straight for the moster, it was the cutest thing.

and speaking of cute, how cute is he in his little hat?  he wore it all night long!

how was your weekend?
happy monday! {monica}


prayers needed.

i don't normally write about my faith or blog requesting prayer requests. i created this blog as my creative outlet, a place for me to talk about clothes, our growing family and the endless diy projects chris and i have amassed. that being said, today i am asking for prayers. 

a high school friend of mine hallie, has a one-year-old daughter allesandra, who suddenly suffered from heart failure last week.  hallie is a wife and mother of two other small children (one of them being just a couple weeks old).  her daughter has recently been moved to another hospital (at stanford) and doctor's are still looking for answers, but it looks as though little allesandra is going to need a heart-transplant. 

please be praying for hallie, allesandra, allesandra's doctors and the rest of their family. prayers for a donor heart to be found quickly (which in hallie's words would be a "miracle"), prayers for peace of mind, for the doctor's to find answers as to why this is happening, and for allesandra's pain to be comforted. 

life is fragile and can be unexpectedly changed in an instance, so please take some time today to look around you; look at all of the people in your life and be appreciative no matter the circumstance.


recipe. blender gazpacho

in an effort to savor the last few days of summer we made blender gazpacho for dinner. this recipe just screams summer to me! it's quick, easy, there is no cooking required, and it's a great way to use up our never ending surplus of summer produce. oh, and did i mention there are less than 100 calories per serving? 

we topped ours with citantro and a dash of hot sauce. 

happy friday! {monica}


a night of crafting.

monday night i hosted a little party. an evening of wedding crafting for my friend rebekah, to be more precise. she's an amazingly creative bride-to-be with a bunch of diy projects to complete before her november nuptuals. in an effort to get a jump start on her to-do list, a bunch of her friends and family got together at our place for a night of gabbing, noshing, and crafting. here are a couple of fun little details i created for the party (yes, finally i got crafty again).

details {top left-glass reusable straws, top right-our project for the evening...cutting 500 pennants, center-leftover cupcakes, bottom left-details from the snack table, bottom right-various garland}

what a fun night!
happy thursday! {monica}


look of the day. jump jump.

we may have gotten a tad bit crazy for this post.  hey it was 7am, and it was either pump up the energy or fall back asleep...so please enjoy my sweet jumping skills.
leggings/tee-american apparel, everything else-thrifted

happy tuesday! {monica}


weekending. road trip to wisconsin

whew, what a great weekend! we travelled 800+ miles in 3 days and had the best time with our friends. rather than bore you with the tragic story of our poor beavers getting trampled by the badgers, the sentimental story about watching my baby boy (who will be six months tomorrow) crawl around on the field of dreams, or a repeated story about how crazy we are to jam so many things into every single trip we take...i'll just show you some snippets from the weekend.

all smiles before the beaver game
sites from milwaukee, what a beautiful city.
brewers game
early morning on the lake at my grandparent's cabin
madison, wi
little man at the field of dreams.
chris and his friend adam (who flew out for the game). 

happy monday! {monica}


off to wisconsin we go.

We picked up Adam this morning from the airport, we’re picking up Imelda this afternoon, then the five of us are off on our
fun filled weekend in Wisconsin.

Our trip will include this game (Go Beavs!!), this game, a pit stop here, here, maybe here, ....oh and lots of eating and laughing too.

happy thursday! {monica}


weekending. labor day sniffles.

i wish i could report all the fabulous things we did over our three day weekend, but sadly our weekend was anything but fabulous. we spent the majority of the weekend blowing our noses, sipping tea, coughing, sniffling, and every other nasty thing that comes with all three of us having a cold. it never fails, every single september when the seasons start to change our house gets hit with a nasty cold, and this year was no different.

on the bright side, we did manage to do some planning for my grandpa's 80 birthday in october and take a quick trip to the park where baby bug took his first ride down the slide. here's his joyous pre-slide smile...

which is in stark contrast to his, post-slide "i'm not so sure about this?" face. how cute is this? kuddos to my hubby for snapping these on his camera phone, they are such great shots.

happy tuesday! {monica}

nursery jealousy.

one of my favorite design blogs is 6th street design school. not only is she a fabulous designer herself, but she also has an incredible ability to find others with inspiring rooms, homes and ideas. her post today featured a native american themed nursery from the coterie blog and it left me with an extreme case of nursery envy. normally i am not one for "themed" rooms, but this nursery is an exception.

click here for a full room tour and before and after pictures.

have a great weekend!

happy friday! {monica}