sometimes you marry a brainiac.

he's probably going to kill me for bragging about him like this...but, oh well, that's what doting wives are for, so here it goes...

after nearly 12 long years of college and grad school (yes, i did say twelve, that's not a misprint), chris began his last term of grad school this week. four months from now he will finally be done with this long haul, accomplishing more than we ever expected possible. he will have earned two bachelor's degrees AND two master's degrees , all while working full-time, owning a business, teaching classes at the university, taking a trip to china, planning a wedding, getting married, being a rock star husband, having a wonderful baby boy, being an rock star father to that wonderful baby boy, performing countless hours of research, moving 3 times (one of those moves being 2,000 miles), taking 3 cross country road trips to appease my need to see new places, completing who knows how many projects around the house, the oh and did i mention he did all of these things while keeping his grades high enough to graduate with honors?

yeah, he's pretty much the most amazing brainiac husband and daddy ever!
{in my biased wifely opinion}

thank you chris for all your hard work and dedication. i couldn't be blessed with a more perfect partner in life. the next couple months will be a whirlwind, but i can't wait to see where the lord takes us next.

happy thursday! {monica}

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