on our way to our family reunion this past weekend, we took a bit of a detour to visit the town of pella, iowa. for the two years we have been in iowa, we've heard lots about this little town and we finally got around to visiting. pella is a sweet little dutch town. all of the it buildings both new and old adhere to original dutch architecture, they're colorful, quaint, and full of character. the town boast lots of little tourist shops, bakeries, a canal, and it even has it's own windmill.

although we didn't have much time to visit, we made the most with the time we had. to start our visit, chris purchased breakfast at a little bakery in town. we took his pastries to-go, found a bench, and enjoyed the sweet treats while we people watched (baby bug got to eat the bag).

we admired the windmill and old brick buildings that follow alongside the canal.

we strolled through historic gardens, saw wyatt earp's boyhood home, and watched baby bug's eyes light up as we ran through a sprinkler.
before we left, we made sure to take lot's of tourist-y photos. you know, the kind of photos our kids will hate when they grow up. yeah, we took lots of those.

all-in-all, it was a wonderful trip. pella is a must see if you are ever in central iowa, we are already planning a trip back next spring for the tulip festival.

hope you guys had a wonderful weekend!
happy monday! {monica}

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  1. fun... a road trip! looks like it was a good time :)