look of the day, baby! iron-on ties and reunions.

last weekend baby bug attended his first family reunion. our family reunions always have a theme, and this year's was red, white, and blue; so of course he had to dress accordingly. seeing as he is popping out of most his clothing, i tried to make due with what we had around the house. his pants (which were high-waters) were rolled up, and we ironed on a tie i got at a baby shower a while back. his little ensemble turned out pretty darn cute.

me: shorts-h&m, tee-target, top/necklace-f21, sunglasses-san fransisco street vendor, shoes-can't remember (i got them over 10 years ago and the sole is rubbed off)
baby bug: onsie-carters, iron-on tie-gift (but i think it's from hobby lobby), pants-thrifted

happy tuesday! {monica}


  1. Baby bug looks so much like your hubby!

  2. What an adorable little boy! Love the outfit also :)

  3. I came so close to buying a onesie like that for a shower this past weekend, but couldn't stomach the $30 price tag. If only I had known there was an iron on!