are we nuts? i think YES!

in an effort to forewarn all of you...the next three weeks will be pure crazy around our house, hence there is a large possibility my posts could be few and far between. on top of chris right-smack-dab in the middle of his hardest term EVER, and me right-smack-dab in my busiest time at work, we have decided to squeeze three trips into the next three weeks. are we nuts or what? baby bug sure has crossed lots of state lines in his 5 1/2 months of life (9 states to be exact)....but he's about to cross off a few more.

our trip schedule is as follows...
september 2-5th visiting family in eastern iowa
september 9-11th madison, wisconsin for the oregon state v wisconsin fb game.
september 14th-19th boston, massachusettes for chris' school.

i think it's safe to say we'll be living out of suitcases for the next few weeks, but we are super excited about seeing lots of new places! taking any trips with your kiddos in the near future? if so here are a few of my favorite helpful resources...

-a checklist for travelling with baby.

-want to see unique sites while taking pit stops to change diapers?

-need to find the cleanest bathroom around?

happy wednesday! {monica}


sometimes you spend your weekend eating.

Ever have a weekend that revolves around food? This was one of those weekends for us. If we weren’t eating, we were cooking. If we weren’t cooking, we were snacking. Chris unknowingly became my recipe test dummy Saturday and Sunday as I decided to try a new recipe for each meal. Surprisingly, we enjoyed every recipe we tried. No epic fails. Other than stuffing our faces, we did manage to make it to a church bbq, work on cohen’s rocking horse and the buffet we’re turning into an entertainment console, take long evening walks, and plan for our Wisconsin trip (more on this later). It was a perfect relaxing weekend at home. Here are some snippets….

happy tuesday! {monica}


sometimes you marry a brainiac.

he's probably going to kill me for bragging about him like this...but, oh well, that's what doting wives are for, so here it goes...

after nearly 12 long years of college and grad school (yes, i did say twelve, that's not a misprint), chris began his last term of grad school this week. four months from now he will finally be done with this long haul, accomplishing more than we ever expected possible. he will have earned two bachelor's degrees AND two master's degrees , all while working full-time, owning a business, teaching classes at the university, taking a trip to china, planning a wedding, getting married, being a rock star husband, having a wonderful baby boy, being an rock star father to that wonderful baby boy, performing countless hours of research, moving 3 times (one of those moves being 2,000 miles), taking 3 cross country road trips to appease my need to see new places, completing who knows how many projects around the house, the oh and did i mention he did all of these things while keeping his grades high enough to graduate with honors?

yeah, he's pretty much the most amazing brainiac husband and daddy ever!
{in my biased wifely opinion}

thank you chris for all your hard work and dedication. i couldn't be blessed with a more perfect partner in life. the next couple months will be a whirlwind, but i can't wait to see where the lord takes us next.

happy thursday! {monica}


what we've been up to.

i feel like we've been up to our ears in projects lately. i'm not exactly sure how we get ourselves into these never ending project piles? oh, wait. yes, i do. we can't say no to bargains, forget we are on a 5 month old baby's schedule, and we take on way too many things at once. yep, that's how we get way too busy.

speaking of busy, here are a few snippets of projects in the works (more to come on these later)

1. a head board update 2. garage sale chair redo 3. turning a buffet into a media console

oh, gotta love projects.
happy wednesday! {monica}


post-pregnancy body.

after my son's arrival, i told myself i wouldn't stress out about losing my baby weight. after all, it took nine months for me to gain it, so i figured it would take me about nine months to lose it, and i was fine with that (and i still am). i had gained roughly 30lbs in my 40 week + one day pregnancy, which was about average for my 5"9 frame, so when you factor in my 9lb son and the fluid that came out with him, i lost nearly 15lbs (about half my weight gain) the day baby bug was born...seams ideal right?

at first the baby weight fell off. since cohen was breastfed, i burned extra calories and i was 100% focused on everything i put in my mouth. i ate mostly raw foods for the first couple weeks with the exception of puffy cheetos (hey, a girl has to cheat a little), and within the first month i had lost nearly all of the baby weight. i know that sounds perfect/amazing/ideal, but what i soon realized was i had a long way to go. long gone was my pre-baby muscle tone, and in it's place was excess chub . yeah, the weight is gone, yeah my pre-baby clothes fit again, but my body is far from what i am happy with. i needed (and still need) an all-around tone up.

with baby bug at the 5 month mark now...it's time to get a bit more serious about my fitness. it's time to lift weights again, take some yoga classes, train for a race, anything active really. i could care less about losing another pound, this is more about toning up and getting back to my pre-baby routine. it's going to be hard work, but it will be worth every bead of sweat in the end.

if you are a mom....what did you do to tone up after pregnancy? how long did it take you to get back in shape? have any advice for speedy workouts, so i don't have to spend much time away from the little guy?

ugggh. ok...off to the gym i go.

happy thursday! {monica}


my favorite time of day.

as i laid cohen on my chest yesterday for his last nap of the day, i realized these last naps were my favorite time of day. every evening when i get home from work, bug and i play for a bit, eat a snack, then lay down for a nap (well, he naps and i watch tv).

if only i could freeze moments in time, last nap times would be one of those moments.

it's moments like these that make life sweet. that remind me how utterly awesome motherhood truly is. it was out of pure love that chris and i created this little being, and we thank the lord daily for this precious gift of life.

happy wednesday! {monica}


look of the day, baby! iron-on ties and reunions.

last weekend baby bug attended his first family reunion. our family reunions always have a theme, and this year's was red, white, and blue; so of course he had to dress accordingly. seeing as he is popping out of most his clothing, i tried to make due with what we had around the house. his pants (which were high-waters) were rolled up, and we ironed on a tie i got at a baby shower a while back. his little ensemble turned out pretty darn cute.

me: shorts-h&m, tee-target, top/necklace-f21, sunglasses-san fransisco street vendor, shoes-can't remember (i got them over 10 years ago and the sole is rubbed off)
baby bug: onsie-carters, iron-on tie-gift (but i think it's from hobby lobby), pants-thrifted

happy tuesday! {monica}



on our way to our family reunion this past weekend, we took a bit of a detour to visit the town of pella, iowa. for the two years we have been in iowa, we've heard lots about this little town and we finally got around to visiting. pella is a sweet little dutch town. all of the it buildings both new and old adhere to original dutch architecture, they're colorful, quaint, and full of character. the town boast lots of little tourist shops, bakeries, a canal, and it even has it's own windmill.

although we didn't have much time to visit, we made the most with the time we had. to start our visit, chris purchased breakfast at a little bakery in town. we took his pastries to-go, found a bench, and enjoyed the sweet treats while we people watched (baby bug got to eat the bag).

we admired the windmill and old brick buildings that follow alongside the canal.

we strolled through historic gardens, saw wyatt earp's boyhood home, and watched baby bug's eyes light up as we ran through a sprinkler.
before we left, we made sure to take lot's of tourist-y photos. you know, the kind of photos our kids will hate when they grow up. yeah, we took lots of those.

all-in-all, it was a wonderful trip. pella is a must see if you are ever in central iowa, we are already planning a trip back next spring for the tulip festival.

hope you guys had a wonderful weekend!
happy monday! {monica}


recipe. man eggs.

the most requested breakfast item in our house (besides blueberry pancakes), would have to be what we aptly refer to as man eggs. the first time i made man eggs, chris and i were sitting at our kitchen table, and our conversation went a little something like this...

chris-why do these eggs taste like bacon?
me-they don't taste like bacon, they taste like smoked gouda.
chris-no they don't, they taste like bacon.
me-is that a bad thing?
chris-no! bacon is manly.

and that's how man eggs got their start.

here's to a happy husband and his eggs.
the recipe (serves two)

4 eggs
1/4 c shredded smoked gouda (plus a little more to sprinkle on top)
1tbsp butter
2 tbsp milk
salt and pepper

melt butter in a small pan over medium-low heat. while the butter is melting, whisk together eggs, milk, salt and pepper in a small mixing bowl. poor eggs into the pan and stir frequently (the key to good scrambled eggs is cooking them low and slow). when eggs are almost done, add the cheese and stir until eggs have finished cooking.

sprinkle the the eggs with the remaining cheese and more black pepper, then serve.

{it's basically scrambled eggs with a bit of a kick}

happy wednesday! {monica}


someone has two teeth.

it's official, this little guy has two teeth . after weeks of endless drooling and gnawing, baby bug finally cut his teeth. one came in tuesday, the 2nd finally broke through thursday night, 8 days shy of 5 months. next thing we know he'll be crawling, then walking, going to school and driving. ugghhh. they grow up so stinkin' fast!

happy monday! {monica}