post-pregnancy body.

after my son's arrival, i told myself i wouldn't stress out about losing my baby weight. after all, it took nine months for me to gain it, so i figured it would take me about nine months to lose it, and i was fine with that (and i still am). i had gained roughly 30lbs in my 40 week + one day pregnancy, which was about average for my 5"9 frame, so when you factor in my 9lb son and the fluid that came out with him, i lost nearly 15lbs (about half my weight gain) the day baby bug was born...seams ideal right?

at first the baby weight fell off. since cohen was breastfed, i burned extra calories and i was 100% focused on everything i put in my mouth. i ate mostly raw foods for the first couple weeks with the exception of puffy cheetos (hey, a girl has to cheat a little), and within the first month i had lost nearly all of the baby weight. i know that sounds perfect/amazing/ideal, but what i soon realized was i had a long way to go. long gone was my pre-baby muscle tone, and in it's place was excess chub . yeah, the weight is gone, yeah my pre-baby clothes fit again, but my body is far from what i am happy with. i needed (and still need) an all-around tone up.

with baby bug at the 5 month mark now...it's time to get a bit more serious about my fitness. it's time to lift weights again, take some yoga classes, train for a race, anything active really. i could care less about losing another pound, this is more about toning up and getting back to my pre-baby routine. it's going to be hard work, but it will be worth every bead of sweat in the end.

if you are a mom....what did you do to tone up after pregnancy? how long did it take you to get back in shape? have any advice for speedy workouts, so i don't have to spend much time away from the little guy?

ugggh. ok...off to the gym i go.

happy thursday! {monica}


  1. Not a mom yet -- but good for you for making the decision to get back to it! Best of luck! :)

  2. you are lucky! I put on 50 pounds with my 6 pnd girl! Ai yai yai! I lost about 15 or so right away and now am stuck. But luckily I am nearly 6ft tall so it doesnt show too bad. I just look curvier in the hip and but department....a LOT curvier lol! I walk everywhere I can, A LOT! That has helped tone up my legs

  3. This is one thing that I know I'll struggle with after having a baby. I'm fairly unmotivated when it comes to working out and I know my body will change a lot post baby. I'd love to hear advice on toning it up!