look of the day, baby! neon and tie dye.

this little man makes me smile.
a big hearty smile, not one of those wimpy grins.
a smile brighter than my neon red vest.

love him to the moon and back!

me: skirt-thrifted, then tailored by me. earrings and shoes-target. belt-f21. top-thrifted. vest-thrifted. necklace/ring-vintage.

cohen: tie dye romper-garage sale (baby gap)

happy tuesdsay! {monica}


put it in a packet.

one of my favorite ways to cook during the summertime is in a packet. using heavy duty tin foil, i make a little boat-like packet and fill it with dinner. sometimes it's chicken, sometimes it's veggies, last night it was fish. i layered onion, white fish, parsley, and lemon onto the foil, then placed it on the grill for 15ish minutes.

oh, and i nearly forgot to mention my favorite thing about packet meals...the clean up. because there is none, all you have to do is pitch the tin foil in the trash when you're done. when the fish is firm to the touch, it's done. easy as that.

we paired our fish with succotash salad (english peas, sweet corn, red onion, and red bell pepper).

what are your favorite things to cook in the summer?

happy wednesday! {monica}


look of the day. on walkabout.

i kinda feel like i look like i'm on my way to the australian outback.
maybe it's the plaid? or the plethora of khaki? the fact that i really want to go to australia? or maybe i can't get the recently watched crocodile dundee out of my head?

cropped pants, shirt, and cardigan-gap, everything else-thrifted.

happy tuesday! {monica}


rocking horse re-do.

last fall i bought an old wooden rocking horse at an antique mall, for close to nothing.

it's dingy.
it's damaged.
it's just plain gross.

since it's purchase, it's been sitting in our basement, mostly because i have been trying to figure out what i want to do with the thing. i know i want to freshen it up, clean it up, and pretty much re-do every single surface of it. i just have to decide on the overall look i want. i'm thinking of painting it like this. i absolutely love swedish dala horses.

overly ambitious? probably! i just hope i can finish this project, before baby bug is ready to ride it. my current lack of project completion is getting pretty ridiculous.

happy thursday! {monica}