i don't care if you think we're nerdy.

what do you get for the guy who has everything? the solar system of course.
for father's day this year, i went the non-traditional route (as usual) and got chris this super-awesome diy romantic star projector. neat, huh? how incredible will it be to project a clear nights sky any night of the week? i know what you are thinking...what weirdos!?!

but, i agree. yes, we are nerds...and proud of it.

i really wish it would have got here for actual father's day, so i could have wrapped it all pretty--but it finally arrived on our door step yesterday after 20 days of traveling from hong kong. chris and i were like little kids putting it together. it was so much fun.

i just can't wait to build a fort in the living room, make some popcorn and snuggle up with my two guys watching the stars.

happy thursday! {monica}


i made it. chevron tee.

someone finally finished one of her twelve projects...and that person is ME!!!

ughh. it only took a couple months, but i was eventually able complete this super sweet, and super simple

chevron tee.

don't pay attention to the wanky stitches, my sewing machine was not happy with me, but this project was as simple as simple can be. even if your sewing skills are novice, you can do this!

go over to cheri's tutorial for the SUPER easy directions.

happy wednesday! {monica}


summer solstice and farm shares.

with tuesday being both the summer solstice and farm share pick up day, we took advantage of the daylight and made a wonderful dinner for two (since cohen was sleeping). we ate dinner in the kitchen, surrounded by our big windows to enjoy the sunshine, and enjoyed the evening.

this week's farm share included... spinach, red russian kale, radishes, dill, rhubarb, strawberries, and peas.

here's what we made for dinner...strawberry basil lemonade, pork chops will dill and lemon, 7 grain pilaf, and sauteed spinach with crispy garlic.

it was a perfect at home date night meal! sometimes simple meals, prepared together are better than any night out.

happy thursday! {monica}


oregon trip part two. the beach.

one of the best things about our oregon trip was our time at the beach. i spent nearly two whole weeks enjoying the sand, surf and seafood. we are completely spoiled by the fact that my parents have a beach house, so we took advantage of their generosity and stayed at their place as much as we could. we walked in the sand, ate lots of seafood, sipped our morning coffee watching the waves, cohen stuck his feet in the sand and pacific ocean, the dogs ran wild, chris's family visited, our friends stopped by, and my parents were able to take a bunch of time off of work to come stay with us. it was simply perfect.

the oregon coast is a wonderful place.
here are some pictures from our relaxing stay.

if you ever visit oregon, you really should take a trip over to the coast. the entire coastline is astonishingly beautiful, rain or shine.

happy thursday! {monica}