oregon trip part one. chris' family.

let me start by saying, oregon is awesome. we have really been enjoying our trip back to the northwest so far. even though we miss our new home back in iowa, it has been really nice to come back to the state we both grew up in, fell in love in, bought our first home in, went to college in, and so-on.

one of our main priorities our first week back was to spend some time with chris' side of the family before he left on his china trip. it just so happened that we were able to spend time with his dad and sister, but also his grandparents who were in town from casper, wy too...so cohen got to meet lots more family.

here are some pictures from our time with chris' fam in corvallis.

walking around town with chris' grandparents don and k on a gorgeous spring day.

cohen getting some pizza with his great-grandma
a nice trail walk with chris' dad and sister

spring is beautiful in oregon...especially when it's not raining.

what a special few days!
thanks corvallis for spoiling us with such great friends, food and family!

on a side note: since i have kind of been taking pictures like a maniac, i'll be dividing our trip posts into a bunch of parts...so stay tuned.

happy tuesday! {monica}


little red shoes.

these little red shoes make me smile.
especially when they are nestled up next to my red shoes.

sometimes it's the little things, like little red shoes, that make life a bit sweeter.
what is making you smile today?
happy thursday!{monica}