look of the day. green pleats

mark this look on in your calendars ladies, because it's quite the rarity to see me in heels.
why don't i wear heels often? the reasons are as follows....
1. i'm 5'9 which means i'm at least 6' in heels. even though chris is 6'3, i really don't like feeling so tall next to him. i feel like a giant.
2. they are uncomfortable. i don't care what you say (i used to wear heels religiously when i started working, so i know comfortable heels exist)...but they still aren't as comfortable as flats.
3. i'm extremely clumsy. when i used to wear heels i would trip, slip, and fall too many times to count. heels+me=an injury waiting to happen.
4. i read an article in shape magazine. i wish i remembered the issue, but it was all about the negative side effects of prolonged heel wearing. i won't go into all of the details, but it really freaked me out.

that being said, i wish i wore heels more often. i have a bunch of pretty heels collecting dust in our closet, and they really do spice up an outfit.

heels-bcbg, skirt-thrifted, tank-american apparel, clutch-vintage, belt-thrifted, necklace-f21, ring-vintage

happy tuesday! {monica}


look of the day, baby! knit hat and a grumpy baby

here's what we wore to a breakfast date with daddy.

me. hat-homemade by me, earrings-gift from chris, sunglasses-street vendor in san francisco, sweater-vintage, tank-liz lange maternity for target, jeans-target, socks-urban outfitters, boots-target
cohen. onsie-hanna andersson, socks-trumpette