week one.

i know this sounds cliche, but i can't believe my baby is one week old already?!
it went by so fast, too fast actually. thank you for all of your kind words and comments on my last post, it was fun reading all of your baby notes and sweet words. week one was spent just like you would probably imagine.... nursing, sleeping, changing diapers, nursing, sleeping, and trying to grab a bite to eat if i wasn't nursing, changing diapers or sleeping. we did manage to be a little social by going to church yesterday, stopping by a surprise party for one of chris' friends, and having a few friends over to meet our handsome little guy.

chris and i have had so much fun this first week together. our timing was perfect for delivery, because chris was on spring break last week, so were able to spend the entire first week together trying to figure out some kind of a routine. we couldn't have asked for a better first week together, we had one happy little bungalow.

i have so many more things to update you all on (not just baby stuff...for all of you non-baby people), but that will have to come another day. i have a screaming baby to attend to.

happy monday! {monica}


  1. Oh man, a lot went down while I was on vacation! Congratulations!! He's beautiful.

  2. So wonderful:)
    And what sweet feet!!!

  3. So glad your hubby was able to be with you during that first week! That had to of made it ALOT easier!!

  4. Congrats!! He is sooo cute!! :)
    So nice to have the little ones here!!
    I wanted to let you know that I gave you a blog award just head on over to my blog to accept it! :)
    Hope things are going good for you!! :)

  5. Congrats!!
    It's so nice to have the little ones finally here!!
    I just wanted to let you know that I gave you an award you just have to go over to my blog to accept it!!
    Hope things are going good for you guys!