so, sometimes my dogs think they're human.

as most of you know, chris and i have two 4lb poodles.

they are wimpy, adorable, cuddly, high-energy and way too smart for their own good. sometimes i think they have us trained, not the other way around. chris and i sit and watch their behaviors and can't help but laugh...i honestly think, they think they are human at times....

and here are ten pictures to prove it.

one. when i lay out to sun bathe, bolt lays out to sun bathe right next to me....all stretched out, so he doesn't get tan lines. diggy, who worries more about the harmful effects of uv rays, lays under my legs...you can barely see him but he's there.

two. they pass out after a long day of tailgating for the cyclones.

three. they play horseshoes.

four. they dress up for halloween.

five. after an afternoon of swimming, they go for a jog to dry off.

six. they go for bike rides.

seven. they engage in our mealtime conversations from their bench at the kitchen table.

eight. they get very excited for convertible rides.

nine. they spend their evenings being couch potatoes.

ten. they love to people watch and spy on the neighbors. this is why they were branded our "honorary neighborhood watch team".

now, if only they could clean up after themselves when they go to the bathroom, refill their dog food, and not kill innocent chipmunks.
{oh, and on a side note...i will be doing the mystery giveaway drawing tonight...so check in tomorrow morning for the winner}
happy thursday ! {monica}


  1. Our dog thinks he's a person in a furry costume - as soon as we get up in the morning, he jumps on the bed and burrows under the covers.

  2. Awwww I love your dogs!
    It makes me miss mine for sure!!
    They have been staying at my parents & I'm ready to bring them home for sure! :)

  3. Oh my goodness your dogs are so adorable!!!
    Commencing plans to convince husband we must get a small poodle! :)

  4. You dogs are super cute! One day we might get one. right now a child is enough of a handful :)

  5. hahahahaha! i love these pictures!

  6. So adorable! Thanks for the comment, I just wrote about it! :)

  7. the car ride photo is HILARIOUS! my small dogs are the same way. they always sun bathe.

  8. I love your dogs. they are so adorable. Picture #8 made my day.