dressing with doilies.

a few weeks ago i bought a bunch of doilies for .99 cents at my local craft store. at the time, i had no idea what i was going to do with them, but how can you pass up a .99 cent deal?

after a few days of contemplation, i began exploring ways to
dress with doilies.

here are a few really simple ways i've found to spice up an outfit them....

spicing up a t-shirt. i tea stained (directions here) a doily and stitched it onto a white tee.

spicing up a canvas tote. i stained some ivory lace robin's egg blue, then stitched both the lace and doilies to the tote.

spicing up a bobby pin. using a hot glue gun, i glued a doily to a bobby pin. make sure to let it cool completely before using...i know that sounds obvious, but hot glue + hair = not a good combination (not that i know from experience or anything).
see, i told you they were simple ideas!
i have a couple more ideas that are a bit more complicated, so when i get around to completing them i will be sure to share them with you too.
oh, and don't forget to enter the mystery giveaway. the drawing is tomorrow.
happy wednesday! {monica}


  1. Love the tote bag!

  2. You have such great ideas! So creative. I absolutely love them all! The tote bag is my favorite :)

  3. Lovely ideas! Thank you for sharing :)

  4. My grandma used to make little angels for the christmas tree out of doilies. Don't ask me how, but they were adorable. I love the bobby pin and the tote bag though. They are so cute!

  5. thanks for stopping by my blog!! these are such cute ideas and i love reading your blog! can't wait to see photos of baby c :)