valentine's day. shmalentine's day.

please don't judge me by what i'm about to say, but...i am kind of anti-valentine's day.

i know people get really excited about it, but i am just not one of those people. my thought on valentine's day is this...why show your love in an over-the-top way one day a year, when you should be expressing your love for the one you love on a daily basis? is that wrong?

that being said, for some reason i felt a bit different about v-day this year? i felt the need to make something special for chris. it wasn't necessarily just because it was valentine's day, it was more about our delivery date being less than a month away and realizing our future care-free date nights are limited. so, i wanted to make him something special, with date-nights incorporated.

i got this card idea from a valentine i saw in the february issue of martha stewart living magazine. knowing i would need an individual pocket for each date idea...i made this 5-envelope valentine.

to get all of the envelopes to stick together, glue each flap behind the previous envelope.

then once the glue is dried, you can fold the envelopes like an accordion to make one package.

for each pocket, i made a little note using cardstock and a paper punch to make the lacy border.

then wrote an "i love you more than...." note on each card that coordinated to a date night gift. for instance, in this envelope i wrote " i love you more than a good movie" then included two movie tickets.

it was a super easy, yet non-traditional v-day card that chris really enjoyed. now, all we have to do is find some free nights so we can have our five dates.

i know february 14th has passed, but what are your thoughts on valentine's day? do you celebrate or do you think it's over-rated?

have a great weekend everyone.
happy friday! {monica}


  1. That is such a cute gift! I definitely think Valentine's Day is over-rated...see my thoughts on it here:


    Have a great weekend!

  2. V-day....hate it. Always have and always will. Agree with your opinion 100% and feel sorry for people who get wrapped up in buying plush, red fluff. I love your date idea, thanks for sharing!

  3. i just view v-day as a normal date-night. we don't really do anything over the top but maybe we'll give each other little treats : )

  4. Hello! I just found your blog through your mason jar entry and I HAVE TO KEEP FOLLOWING IT. Gosh, I love all the ideas about mason jars! Anyway, I agree with you in regards to your dislike of Valentines Day.

    I was a waitress for 3 years in college and watched time and time again couples treat each other like total crap every day of the week except on Valentines Day, as if Valentines Day is the cure-all of relationships. Made me sick. My fiancée and I do not and will not ever celebrate it simply because we celebrate our love every day by spending time together and sharing hobbies.

    Anyway, thank you again for the awesome blog. I will definitely be coming back on a regular basis as I'm quite a crafty person myself. Starting a store on etsy soon here.

    Please check out my blog too!

    http://www.venTREEloquism.net: speaking on behalf of the earth

    Thank you! :)

  5. That is the cutest idea! I am always looking for fun gift ideas that I can do myself. I think making gifts like this speaks more than just going and buying something from the store. Thanks for the idea!