baby shoes galore.

first of all, thank you to everyone of you who gave me such great feedback and advice on my last post. i truly appreciate it. this is all new to me, so i love all of the feedback i can get, good or bad. so thanks again!
with that said, i made a few more shoes this past weekend that i am super excited about. my fabric store got lots of new spring fabrics in, so i went a little crazy...here are some of my favorites.

all of these shoes as well as the shoes on my last post, are now available for $25 each (shipping is included).
contact me at homemadebymonica{at}gmail{dot}com if you are interested.
happy monday! {monica}
oh, and happy valentine's day too!


  1. MONICA!!! You are absolutely amazing!! You never sieze to completely stun with your awesomeness!! I can't believe you MADE these! Love them!! :)

  2. Wow, those are seriously adorable baby shoes! If i wasn't totally and absolutely done w/ child bearing I'd get a pair! The last pair are my favs.

  3. oh my goodness, those argyle ones are SO FREAKING CUTE. great job, mama... they look amazing!

  4. These are adorable and I am glad that you are selling them. Do you think of opening up your own etsy shop?

    I will seriously have to consider ordering a pair. Will you ship to Canada?