babies, beads and bunnies.

on monday night, we had our final birthing class. it's hard to believe that our 12-week class went by so quickly?! just 3 months ago we were completely clueless about childbirth, and now we feel fully equipped, prepared and confident for baby c's arrival. if you live in or around the des moines area, i highly recommend this class whether you are planning a natural birth or not. besides birth, lessons include...nutrition, exercise, nursing, postpartum, contractions, complications, etc. the instructor is a rock star and can answer any questions/concerns you have. she is seriously amazing, and will be one of the first people we call when we go into labor. strange i know, but it's the truth. ok, enough of that rant! can you tell we enjoyed the class?

for our last class, we had a little party. you get really close to all of the couples in class, so it was nice to hang out for a bit and say our good lucks to everyone. in honor of the last class, all 10 of us mother's-to-be brought each other a bead that represented ourselves and we made bracelets to wear or bring to our delivery. i know that might sound kind of cheesy, but i loved the idea. here's my bracelet...
also, in honor of our last class, i made all of the couples a little rabbit for their little ones. here is a link tutorial/pattern from the ever amazing twig and thistle, i just added some ribbon and button eyes.

it was a fun night and i can't wait to catch up with everyone again at the reunion later this spring.

happy thursday! {monica}


  1. Very nice the little rabbits ! what a kind attention ! I love the bracelet you got and I am totally fond of the big green owl bead... briggy13 @ http://briggy13.canalblog.com/

  2. You are so sweet and creative. With all the little crafty things you make, I wonder where you find the time. Do you also work full time? If you do, you are truly a superwoman!

  3. leesh..you are too sweet. i actually do work full time, but my husband is in his last year of grad school and studies ALL NIGHT LONG. so, instead of sitting around bored staring at him while he studies, i craft.

    we will see how crafty i am when the baby comes in a few weeks?

    xo monica