someone got a hair cut.

i just realized i haven't posted many pictures of myself lately, which means....
you haven't seen my new hair cut.

ahhhh, it feels so great to get a bunch of hair cut off.
especially since i'm days away from becoming a mommy.
i wanted something low maintenance and easy to style. which is just what i got, thanks to my hair fairy ashley (who by the way, doesn't advertise her studio, so if you live in the des moines area, let me know if you want her number)

she added a bunch of low lights, chopped off a ton of hair, and added lots of texture.

i think i'm officially a short hair addict...

happy tuesday! {monica}




{definition. gradual improvement or growth or development}

i like this word. progress is the type of word that makes you feel good about what you are working on. it's a step in the right direction.

i have been thinking about this word a lot lately. especially, since i decided to start selling my baby shoes. i honestly didn't realize all it would entail. i assumed, i would just make the shoes-deliver them to the store-and if they sell i'd get a check at the end of the month. easy as that.
i was wrong.
what about item numbers?
keeping track of inventory?
meeting with clients?
following up with clients?
custom orders?
this is why i have been finding refuge in the word progress. even though, i still have a lot to figure out and learn...all i can do is continue to make progress, little by little. rejoicing in what i have done, and not dreading what i need to do. over the past few weeks, here is what i have been able to make progress in...
i set up item numbers.

made this cute little sample book to bring when i meet clients.

finished some new shoe options, including these three cuties.
and bought some great new prints to try.

this week i hope to start to make progress on our website design. a number of you have asked/emailed me about listing my shoes with etsy, but with all of the etsy fees...chris and i decided it would probably be best to invest in a website instead. i'm super excited about this idea, but it's still in it's beginning stages...and probably will be for the next few months. my goal is to have it up and running by the end of my maternity leave in may. in the mean time...keep sending your orders to homemadebymonica[at]gmail[dot]com.

speaking of websites...any advice for me? a number of you have your own websites, and i'd love any/all advice you have. especially when it comes to design ideas.
happy wednesday! {monica}


valentine's day. shmalentine's day.

please don't judge me by what i'm about to say, but...i am kind of anti-valentine's day.

i know people get really excited about it, but i am just not one of those people. my thought on valentine's day is this...why show your love in an over-the-top way one day a year, when you should be expressing your love for the one you love on a daily basis? is that wrong?

that being said, for some reason i felt a bit different about v-day this year? i felt the need to make something special for chris. it wasn't necessarily just because it was valentine's day, it was more about our delivery date being less than a month away and realizing our future care-free date nights are limited. so, i wanted to make him something special, with date-nights incorporated.

i got this card idea from a valentine i saw in the february issue of martha stewart living magazine. knowing i would need an individual pocket for each date idea...i made this 5-envelope valentine.

to get all of the envelopes to stick together, glue each flap behind the previous envelope.

then once the glue is dried, you can fold the envelopes like an accordion to make one package.

for each pocket, i made a little note using cardstock and a paper punch to make the lacy border.

then wrote an "i love you more than...." note on each card that coordinated to a date night gift. for instance, in this envelope i wrote " i love you more than a good movie" then included two movie tickets.

it was a super easy, yet non-traditional v-day card that chris really enjoyed. now, all we have to do is find some free nights so we can have our five dates.

i know february 14th has passed, but what are your thoughts on valentine's day? do you celebrate or do you think it's over-rated?

have a great weekend everyone.
happy friday! {monica}


babies, beads and bunnies.

on monday night, we had our final birthing class. it's hard to believe that our 12-week class went by so quickly?! just 3 months ago we were completely clueless about childbirth, and now we feel fully equipped, prepared and confident for baby c's arrival. if you live in or around the des moines area, i highly recommend this class whether you are planning a natural birth or not. besides birth, lessons include...nutrition, exercise, nursing, postpartum, contractions, complications, etc. the instructor is a rock star and can answer any questions/concerns you have. she is seriously amazing, and will be one of the first people we call when we go into labor. strange i know, but it's the truth. ok, enough of that rant! can you tell we enjoyed the class?

for our last class, we had a little party. you get really close to all of the couples in class, so it was nice to hang out for a bit and say our good lucks to everyone. in honor of the last class, all 10 of us mother's-to-be brought each other a bead that represented ourselves and we made bracelets to wear or bring to our delivery. i know that might sound kind of cheesy, but i loved the idea. here's my bracelet...
also, in honor of our last class, i made all of the couples a little rabbit for their little ones. here is a link tutorial/pattern from the ever amazing twig and thistle, i just added some ribbon and button eyes.

it was a fun night and i can't wait to catch up with everyone again at the reunion later this spring.

happy thursday! {monica}


burp cloths galore.

besides baby shoes, the other project i have been trying to tackle is burp cloths. i will be selling these at a few local stores as well, so i got a few samples done for vendors yesterday.
here are some of my favorites....

all burp cloths are 3-ply (2 layers flannel, 1 layer super-absorbent cotton blend lining) and machine washable.
these will also be available for sale soon if you are interested.
email me at homemadebymonica{at}gmail{dot}com if you have any questions.
happy tuesday! {monica}


baby shoes galore.

first of all, thank you to everyone of you who gave me such great feedback and advice on my last post. i truly appreciate it. this is all new to me, so i love all of the feedback i can get, good or bad. so thanks again!
with that said, i made a few more shoes this past weekend that i am super excited about. my fabric store got lots of new spring fabrics in, so i went a little crazy...here are some of my favorites.

all of these shoes as well as the shoes on my last post, are now available for $25 each (shipping is included).
contact me at homemadebymonica{at}gmail{dot}com if you are interested.
happy monday! {monica}
oh, and happy valentine's day too!


exciting news.

on monday, our birthing class instructor offered to start letting me sell my handmade baby shoes in her shop. it's something i have been interested in doing for a while now, but never really had the courage to attempt. mostly because sewing and crafting have always been very therapeutic for me, and turning that therapy into a business leaves me wondering if i will still find joy in the creative process? i figure the only way to find out is to start small and try, right? since amy (my instructor) is having an open house on february 26th, i set my first deadline to have all my samples completed then, cross your fingers.

here are some of the samples i have completed already, and i'd love some feedback if you have the time.

have a great weekend everyone!
happy friday! {monica}


longing for spring.

with temperatures in the low teens again this week, i have been longing for spring. the warm sunshine, morning coffee on our front porch, planting flowers in the garden, long walks with the dogs, and beautiful spring fashion.

these bands & buckles flats from anthropologie.

and the fluttering obi dress again from anthropologie.

let's just cross our fingers that the groundhog was right and spring is only six weeks away?!

happy wednesday! {monica}


toy wishlist for baby c.

1. fisher price record player.


2. state of iowa wooden teether

3. wooden ninjas


4. classic view-master 3d picture viewer


5. wool finger puppets

6. mustache crayons


i'm not sure who would like these more, daddy or baby?
happy wednesday! {monica}