styles for the little guy.

warning...what i am about to say is going to sound a bit shallow, but i feel the need to have a mini-baby-boy-clothing-rant.
because let's face it, little girl clothes are so much better than little boys clothes.

i mean how many blue onsies, puppy dogs sleepers and sports themed shirts do companies feel the need to make? i feel like no matter where i shop, i see the same things over and over again. there is so much more variety in girl sections, and it drives me a little nuts.

luckily, there are a few companies that give mothers of boys (or soon-to-be mothers of boys, like myself) some hope. some variety. some inspiration.

and tiny toms.

and j.crew's crewcuts line.

now, if only i had an unlimited baby budget to buy all of the things i like....
hey a girl can dream right?

happy weekending everyone!
happy friday {monica}


  1. I remember these days when my son was little - there would be racks and racks of girl clothes, but one tiny cubbyhole with boy clothes! I love the TOMS, though, wish those had been around when my boy was younger (not in college like he is now, old enough to buy his own TOMS!)

  2. It is true girls have more variety, but boys clothes have DEFINITELY gotten better! My little brother who is 10 year younger than I am had such monotony in his wardrobe (and I realized this even at 10). They're slowly but surely getting more creative...though it's doubtful they'll ever reach the same level as girl's clothing. But isn't that how it is in general, not just for babies? To formal events, all the guys wear suits whereas the girls have COUNTLESS of dresses, suits, skirts/tops to choose from...never looking alike. Such is life!

  3. I know what you mean Monica. I can't entirely afford to shop the styles I LOVE but make due with what we can afford. I like The Children's place cause they have decent prices and there are some things not typical. Their colors for this fall/winter were great (mustard yellow, oranges, deep greens, maroons). They definitely have their fair share of sports/cutesy stuff but you can find other things there too. Crazy 8 is another with variety. Good luck shopping:)

  4. I agree with you. I have three godsons and there are never any cute clothes for boys. The little Toms shoes are adorable though.

  5. I feel you on this one... it's boring shopping for my nephew! I always end up in the girl section wanting to buy things for "someone later" (but my husband has yet to let me do that yet!)

    I do think those Toms you found are the cutest thing ever, though!

  6. Check naartjie too. They have pretty good sales and some cute, but not cutsie boy stuff. Check out this great blog for boy crafts...http://iammommahearmeroar.blogspot.com/

    My favorite resource for cute baby clothes is consignment stores and sales. I realize I have it easy because cute girl clothes are in abundance, but I still don't have the budget for everything I want.

    Once you get out of the newborn sizes and into 12 mos and up the boy stuff gets better. Newborn boy clothes are just plain tacky most of the time.