some creative resolutions.

first of all, happy new years everyone.
chris and i had a great new years with our neighbors and friends. we made sure to enjoy or last "childless" new years, and i even stayed up late enough to watch the ball drop (first time in four years. i am so not a night owl). since my last post, chris and i have been hard at work tying up loose ends around the house before baby c's arrival in a few weeks.
along that line, my little blog break also gave me a chance to start thinking about some resolutions. there are so many creative/crafty things i would like to learn/try/get better at this year, but here are a few things at the top of my list.
1. finger knitting.
i used to finger knit, but kinda forgot how to do it. i'm hoping it's like riding a bike, and i can easily start it up again. here is a great tutorial from making chicken salad, if anyone wants to try finger knitting along with me. or, if you are more of a video learner like myself, go here for the video tutorial.

2. a circle skirt.
since i would classify myself as a novice seamstress, i am really going to try and push myself this year to get out of my comfort zone and try new sewing projects. even if most of them turn out to be complete failures, the only way to get better is to try, right? i adore this circle skirt and elastic dying tutorial from made, let's hope mine turns out just as cute.

3. plush toys.
i love these sock plushies from elsie marley (along with every single one of her other tutorials). basically, she is a rock star.
4. soft baby books.
they are so durable and i love the fact that you can customize each book to your baby. plus, they make great baby gifts as well. there are lots of tutorials for soft books, but this is one of my favorites from kristena at thimbly things.

how about you guys? any crafty resolutions for the new year?

happy tuesday! {monica}

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