recipe...homemade peanut butter dog treats.

i have been wanting to make homemade doggie treats for a while now because we have a hard time finding decent dog treats for our pint sized puppies (both of our dogs weigh less than 5 lbs). most treats are either way too big for them or way too expensive! luckily, my friend jessica had some tiny play dough cookie cutters she let me borrow, they were the perfect size for these peanut butter treats.

i used this recipe from the gourmet foodie blog which by the way makes a ton of small dog treats. over 100 in fact. she also has a recipe for puppy frosting, a step i skipped since my doggies are crazy enough without frosting.

{here's the final product...in tractor shapes}

when i set the container of treats on the floor to take pictures, diggy was such a good boy. he sat staring at the container until i was done, and waited until i told him he could have his treat. bolt on the other hand, was a wild man. the shot below is the only picture i was able to take without his nose in the jar.

hope your four-legged friends enjoy these! have a great weekend everyone!

happy wednesday! {monica}


  1. I've been meaning to make dog treats for my boys, too. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Your dogs are cute!


  2. The girls and I make peanut butter treats every couple of months for our Lucy (7 lb yorkiepoo). She goes crazy for them!! I'll have to check out that recipe too.

  3. Just HAD to leave a comment! Your pups are adorable!! Are they poodles or mixed? :)

    I'm going to have to try that recipe! Thank you for sharing, my furbaby will definitely enjoy them! :)