recipe...carrot cake cookie sandwiches.

if you like carrot cake or oatmeal cookies...try this recipe..
carrot cake cookie sandwiches.

i made a double batch of these for our two new years parties and they were a real hit. for a "non-baker" like myself, these cookies are more time consuming than my normal undertakings, but they are so so so worth it. for the most part i followed the recipe below exactly, only making two minor changes. the first tweak was using my favorite bob's red mill whole wheat flour, instead of all-purpose flour---and the second tweak was omitting the raisins (i'm not really a raisin loving kind of girl).

{we are messy bakers}

{chris was very proud of himself for helping grate the carrots, so i had to include is "hard work". thanks babe}

find this recipe here along with a link to the frosting recipe. you can also get the recipe from the best cookie book ever (in my humble opinion), martha stewart's cookies. my mom got this book several years ago, then i followed suit and got a copy for myself. i've tried lots of recipes from the book and have never had a cookie i didn't like. never.

happy baking and happy wednesday! {monica}


  1. Those look so good! I love making ice cream sandwiches with cookies! That is my favorite dessert ever, so I may just have to try these!

  2. Those look truly amazing!! I love a good carrot cake. MMM and paired with a cream cheese frosting .. heaven!

  3. I'm in love right now! It looks sooooo good and yummy!