recipe...homemade peanut butter dog treats.

i have been wanting to make homemade doggie treats for a while now because we have a hard time finding decent dog treats for our pint sized puppies (both of our dogs weigh less than 5 lbs). most treats are either way too big for them or way too expensive! luckily, my friend jessica had some tiny play dough cookie cutters she let me borrow, they were the perfect size for these peanut butter treats.

i used this recipe from the gourmet foodie blog which by the way makes a ton of small dog treats. over 100 in fact. she also has a recipe for puppy frosting, a step i skipped since my doggies are crazy enough without frosting.

{here's the final product...in tractor shapes}

when i set the container of treats on the floor to take pictures, diggy was such a good boy. he sat staring at the container until i was done, and waited until i told him he could have his treat. bolt on the other hand, was a wild man. the shot below is the only picture i was able to take without his nose in the jar.

hope your four-legged friends enjoy these! have a great weekend everyone!

happy wednesday! {monica}


styles for the little guy.

warning...what i am about to say is going to sound a bit shallow, but i feel the need to have a mini-baby-boy-clothing-rant.
because let's face it, little girl clothes are so much better than little boys clothes.

i mean how many blue onsies, puppy dogs sleepers and sports themed shirts do companies feel the need to make? i feel like no matter where i shop, i see the same things over and over again. there is so much more variety in girl sections, and it drives me a little nuts.

luckily, there are a few companies that give mothers of boys (or soon-to-be mothers of boys, like myself) some hope. some variety. some inspiration.

and tiny toms.

and j.crew's crewcuts line.

now, if only i had an unlimited baby budget to buy all of the things i like....
hey a girl can dream right?

happy weekending everyone!
happy friday {monica}


birthday's galore.

i've always loved gift giving, especially for birthdays. i try my hardest to think about each person's likes and dislikes, style, needs and wants before selecting anything. this year is no different, but i've decided to go handmade with as many gifts as possible, even if it's something as small as a card.

in my last post, i mentioned my new affinity for finger knitting and all the birthday's we have coming up with our friends and families. so guess what i did this weekend? well, i tackled all the january/february lady's birthday gifts.

here's a sneak peak at some of them....

what are your go-to handmade gifts? i would love suggestions and/or creative things you like to do for gift giving.
hope everyone had a great weekend!
happy monday {monica}


finger knitting.

remember my first post of 2011, where i listed some of my creative resolutions for the new year? it was a list of creative/crafty things i would like to learn and/or get better at this year. well i'm happy to report, i can cross one of my creative goals off of the list.
finger knitting.

as i said in my original post, i used to finger knit a while back (like 10 years ago). i was hoping it was like riding a bike and would easily be able to pick it back up again....and good news it was. after about five minutes i was on a roll and was able to speed through entire balls of yarn in less than an hour. don't you just love a speedy project?

i have lots of family and friends with birthdays coming up in the next few weeks/months....so guess they will be getting this year??? hint hint.
if you want to learn how to finger knit let me know, i can send you a link to some great tutorials.

have a great weekend pretty ladies!
happy friday! {monica}


recipe...carrot cake cookie sandwiches.

if you like carrot cake or oatmeal cookies...try this recipe..
carrot cake cookie sandwiches.

i made a double batch of these for our two new years parties and they were a real hit. for a "non-baker" like myself, these cookies are more time consuming than my normal undertakings, but they are so so so worth it. for the most part i followed the recipe below exactly, only making two minor changes. the first tweak was using my favorite bob's red mill whole wheat flour, instead of all-purpose flour---and the second tweak was omitting the raisins (i'm not really a raisin loving kind of girl).

{we are messy bakers}

{chris was very proud of himself for helping grate the carrots, so i had to include is "hard work". thanks babe}

find this recipe here along with a link to the frosting recipe. you can also get the recipe from the best cookie book ever (in my humble opinion), martha stewart's cookies. my mom got this book several years ago, then i followed suit and got a copy for myself. i've tried lots of recipes from the book and have never had a cookie i didn't like. never.

happy baking and happy wednesday! {monica}


some creative resolutions.

first of all, happy new years everyone.
chris and i had a great new years with our neighbors and friends. we made sure to enjoy or last "childless" new years, and i even stayed up late enough to watch the ball drop (first time in four years. i am so not a night owl). since my last post, chris and i have been hard at work tying up loose ends around the house before baby c's arrival in a few weeks.
along that line, my little blog break also gave me a chance to start thinking about some resolutions. there are so many creative/crafty things i would like to learn/try/get better at this year, but here are a few things at the top of my list.
1. finger knitting.
i used to finger knit, but kinda forgot how to do it. i'm hoping it's like riding a bike, and i can easily start it up again. here is a great tutorial from making chicken salad, if anyone wants to try finger knitting along with me. or, if you are more of a video learner like myself, go here for the video tutorial.

2. a circle skirt.
since i would classify myself as a novice seamstress, i am really going to try and push myself this year to get out of my comfort zone and try new sewing projects. even if most of them turn out to be complete failures, the only way to get better is to try, right? i adore this circle skirt and elastic dying tutorial from made, let's hope mine turns out just as cute.

3. plush toys.
i love these sock plushies from elsie marley (along with every single one of her other tutorials). basically, she is a rock star.
4. soft baby books.
they are so durable and i love the fact that you can customize each book to your baby. plus, they make great baby gifts as well. there are lots of tutorials for soft books, but this is one of my favorites from kristena at thimbly things.

how about you guys? any crafty resolutions for the new year?

happy tuesday! {monica}