day 9...scandinavian inspired felt ornaments

welcome to day nine!
today's tutorial is...
scandinavian inspired felt ornaments {$7}.

my inspiration for this tutorial, came from my grandma's cousin dana, who has an amazing swedish ornament collection. i fell in love with the simple lines and shapes along with the vibrant colors...which i tried to recreate in this simple craft.

what you need.

felt. embroidery needle. embroidery thread. glue. scissors. card stock. a variety of ribbon/trim.

step one. cut out some scandinavian inspired shapes. i free handed these four shapes so they aren't perfect, but feel free to use these as a template.

step two. trace the ornament shapes onto your felt. you will need two of each shape for one ornament (a front/back).

step three. cut out the shapes.

step four. using any extra felt scraps, ribbon, and/or trim...begin designing each ornament. have fun with this step. the sky is the limit.

step five. glue your design to the felt.

step six. glue the front of the ornament to the back piece. set aside to dry.

step seven. once the glue is dried. using your embroidery needle and thread, hand stitch a border around each of your ornaments, starting at the top and finishing at the top of your ornament. this is both for decoration, and to secure your pieces in place.

step eight. when stitching. leave a length of thread at the top of the ornament when you start and when you finish, that way you will have some extra thread to hang your ornaments with.

step nine. sit back and enjoy your beautiful little creations.

aren't these fun? normally, i am not a fan of such bright colors, but i love the look of these on a small scale tree or in a child's room. you can easily customize the color palette to match anything you need.

happy monday!



  1. Monica, I LOVE IT!!! These are so cute! You're amazing!

  2. these are awesome monica! loving all your craftiness :).

  3. Ooh! I love these - perfect to hang low on the tree for grabby toddler hands :-)