day 8...paper globe ornaments

welcome to day eight!
yea, it's friday! is anyone else excited for the weekend? i am not sure if i am more excited to have two days away from work or for the fact that i get to see the nutcracker with my hubby tonight? i think it's a little bit of both! either way, i just hope this day goes by quickly.

ok, enough of that...onto today's tutorial. i'm excited to share this one with you. it's one of those things that looks really difficult, but it's surprisingly easy. today's craft...
paper globe ornaments.

what you need for 6 globe ornaments.
48 strips of paper cut to 5" x 1/4". 12 brads. small hole punch.

step one. using your small hole punch, punch a hole in both ends of each strip of paper.

step two. stack 8 strips of paper on top of each other so all the holes line up.

step three. stick a brad through each end of the 8 strips.

step four. gently begin to fan out each strip of paper.

step five. continue fanning the strips of paper until you get a circular shape.

step six. pinch the brads together. this will help set the brads and round out the globe.

step seven. repeat these steps 5 more times, until all 6 ornaments are complete.

step eight. place ornaments on your tree and enjoy.
{here are our ornaments on this little red tree on the three seasons porch}

if you have the time to make a bunch of these globes, tie them to some yarn/string and they make a great garland as well! just be careful with them, because they are extremely fragile.

have a great weekend everyone! anyone have fun plans?

happy friday! {monica}

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