day 7.....button wreath ornaments.

welcome to day seven!

today's tutorial is...
button wreath ornaments.

what you need for each wreath...
75 buttons. heavy duty wire (i used 16 gauge). ribbon. pliers.

step one. tie a loop at the end of your wire. you may need to use your pliers. this will be the loop to hang your ornament with, so plan accordingly.

step two. string all 75 buttons onto the wire.

step three. make a knot with the loop end and other end of your wire, creating a wreath shape.

step four. tie a bow at the top of the wreath for decoration and to hide the wire knot.

step five. repeat these steps for each wreath.

step six. hang on your tree and enjoy.

if you guys are anything like me and have jars of buttons in your craft space...this is a great way to use up some of your stock. plus they are a great way to customize your tree.

happy thursday! {monica}


  1. too cute!! hope you are having a wonderful holiday season.

  2. i love these! i was totally just looking at these on martha stewart. yours turned out so cute!