day 6...egg carton bells.

welcome to day six!

i am super excited for today's tutorial, not only because we are now 1/3 of the way through our 18 day tutorial, but because from here on my pictures will be from my super sweet new phone...that just so happens to have a super sweet camera. thanks hubby for making me step out of my technological comfort zone to get this phone!

today's tutorial is one of my favorites so far, because i got to do some recycling. i love re-purposing and finding new uses for old things don't you? today's tutorial is...

egg carton bells.

what you need.
an egg carton. glue. paint brushes. paint. glitter. bells. yarn. scissors. embroidery needle.

step one. using your scissors, cut out each individual egg cup from the carton.

step two. once the egg cups are separated, trim the cups around the edge so each side is even.

step three. get glitter and glue ready for each cup.

step four. with a paint brush, spread glue evenly on the inside of the cup.

step five. sprinkle glitter over the glue covering the entire inside of the egg cups.

step six. set cups aside to dry completely.

step seven. paint the outside of each cup.
(i custom mixed each color to match the glitter, but you can use any color you have)

step eight. set cups aside to let dry completely.

step nine. while the paint dries, tie yarn to each bell.

step ten. with an embroidery needle, poke a hole in the top of each egg cup. make the hole large enough for your yarn to fit through.

step eleven. pull yarn through the hole so that the bell is inside of the egg cup.

step twelve. cut yarn to length depending on where you want to hang the bells.

step thirteen. hang the bells and enjoy!

aren't these cute? you would never know they are made from egg cartons. i just love them. our bells are hung outside by our front door for a little sparkle.

hope you guys start saving your egg cartons and try this one!

happy wednesday!


  1. Wow!! So creative and crafty ... I love it! xo

  2. So much fun and creativity going on here! Thanks for the inspiration:)

  3. You are creative! This would be a fun craft for kids too!