day 5...gingerbread cookie mobile.

welcome to day five!

today's tutorial is a fun one for adults, kiddos, and any one else who likes cookies. it's a...
gingerbread cookie mobile

what you need...
4 gingerbread cookies. chopstick. yarn. wooden purse handle (these were on clearance at my craft store, but you can use anything round)

step one. make some gingerbread cookies. i used the recipe from this book.

step two. prior to baking, poke a hole in your cookie dough using a chopstick. make the hole large enough for your yarn to fit through it.

step three. let your gingerbread cookies cool completely.

step four. cut 4 pieces of yarn 18 inches in length.

step five. run one end of the yarn through the hole in your cookie and tie a knot to secure.

step six. about 5 inches up the yarn attach the cookie and yarn to the purse handle with another knot.

step seven. repeat steps five and six with the rest of your cookies.

step eight. tie all four strands of yarn together above the purse handle. then find a spot to hang your mobile and enjoy.

the best thing about this mobile (besides the fact that you get to eat all of the leftover cookies) is the smell, it's pure holiday. the ginger and molasses smell just like a candle!

let me know if you have any questions on this one...and have a great day!

happy tuesday!

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