day 4...stamped gift tags (or ornaments)

welcome to day four!
did anyone find time to get creative this weekend? i sure did...with temperatures in the 20s, you better believe i was staying inside. plus, i have been nursing a sore throat and stuffy nose, so a bit of crafting was good medicine for me.

ok, enough of my rambling, onto what you are here for.. the second week of my 18 days of christmas crafting. today's tutorial is...
stamped gift tags
(they can also be used as ornaments too)
i got my inspiration for these from these vintage reindeer tags.

what you need.

card stock. measuring cup (or something circular to trace around). pencil. scissors. stamp pad. paint brush. holiday stamp. hole punch. yarn.

step one. with a measuring cup as a guide, trace circles onto card stock. make as many circles as you need for your gift tags.

step two. using your scissors, cut out the circles from the card stock. i used some decorative scissors for a textured edge, but regular scissors work just as well.

step three. using your stamp pad as paint, paint a border around each circle.

step four. stamp each circle with your holiday stamp of choice.

step five. punch a hole in each of your gift tags.

step six. string a piece of yarn through each hole and attach to your gift.....

or onto some lovely twigs in a decorative vase....like i used them for in our home.

have fun making some of these for yourselves and enjoy your day! i can't wait to read about all of your weekend excursions.

happy monday!



  1. those are perfect! i am going to make some gift tags today! you have officially inspired me : )

  2. This is adorable. A fellow blogger sent me some stamps so I think I will make some gift tags on the weekend (although I just made a bunch last weekend). I really like how you tied them to some twigs.