day 3....deck the halls banner.

welcome to day three...
and another way to use up any extra burlap you have from the previous two tutorials. i have a ton of burlap laying around for some reason, so these first three days have helped me use up some of my stock...but i promise this will be my last tutorial using burlap.
today's tutorial....
a deck the halls banner {$10}.

what you need.

burlap, scissors, paint, paint brush, ribbon, sewing machine (if you don't have a sewing machine this can be done by hand too.)

step one. cut out 12 pennant shaped triangles from the burlap, one for each letter.

step two. using your paint color of choice and paintbrush, paint "deck the halls" on the triangles. one letter for each triangle. set pennants aside, and let dry.

step three. once the paint is dry, cut the ribbon to your desired length and pin the burlap pieces in place. (note...this can be the hardest step...you want the letters to be centered on the ribbon, so you may want to use a ruler)

step four. using your sewing machine (or this can be done by hand), stitch each of the pennants to the ribbon, making sure the letters are in the correct order.

step five. hang up your banner and enjoy.

once again...an easy and affordable craft...as promised.

i hope you guys get some time to craft this weekend. it's supposed to be cold here, so i will have an excuse to stay indoors and get some projects finished while chris watches football.

have a great weekend!

happy friday!



  1. Such a sweet idea! I love bunting! It's such a good way to beautify a space :)