day 2...30 minute christmas tree cross-stitch tutorial.

welcome to day two.
before i get started on this tutorial...i thought i would give you all one last reminder about my handmade paper star garland giveaway...i will be doing the drawing tonight...so go here to enter if you want.
ok, enough of that, onto the tutorial...
today's tutorial is for those of you with little to no time what-so-ever. this project can be completed in less time than it takes to watch judge judy (it's my guilty pleasure as of late) so, i hope you try this one out.
how to cross stitch a christmas tree in 30 minutes or less {$4}.

what you need.

an embroidery ring. burlap (perfect for any leftover fabric from yesterday's tutorial). 2 types of fabric. embroidery thread. needle

step one. set up burlap inside of your embroidery ring.
step two. cut out 3 hearts (small, medium, and large) from one fabric and a small square from the other fabric. the three hearts will be the tree and the square will be the tree trunk.

step three. starting with the trunk and finishing with the tree top, stitch each piece of the tree to the burlap.

step four. find a place to display your craftiness and enjoy.

see i told you it was easy. and it's a perfect way to use up some miscellaneous scraps of fabric you have laying around the house. feel free to add buttons for ornaments or whatever else you can think of. i made this one for our friends dan and alex, who just moved into their sweet new apartment and these colors reminded me of them.

if you try this, i would love to see your finished product. oh, and i forgot to mention yesterday, if you have any questions about any of these tutorials, please don't hesitate to ask!

happy thursday!



  1. This is so adorable! As soon as I get home from school for winter break I'm definitely going to be attempting it.

  2. Hooray! It's the cutest Christmas decoration I have! Is it bad if I decided it would look awesome on the tree? I just feel like it's cool enough for that :)

  3. so cute! what a great idea. and i love that the tree is made out of little hearts : )

  4. this is adorable!!!! i love homey christmas things. :)