day 17...yarn pom poms.

welcome to day seventeen!
only one more tutorial to go.
today's how-to is for all of you last minute gift wrappers, like myself. it's....
yarn pom poms.
{they are super quick and easy, and add just the right amount of fun to any gift, if i do say so myself}

what you need.

yarn. scissors.

step one. wrap the yarn around your fingers 15 times, then cut off the end with scissors.

step two. carefully slide the yarn off your fingers. take a strand of yarn and wrap it around the middle of the loops. tie a knot to secure.

step three. using your scissors, snip each loop end.
step four. fluff your pom pom and enjoy.

i make a bunch of these at a time so they are ready for me as soon as i get done with the wrapping paper. they take hardly any time at all, so make a bunch for yourself and enjoy.
2 days until Christmas!!! Anyone have exciting plans for the holiday?
happy thursday!


  1. soooo cute!! i love the lace! have a very merry christmas monica! xo.

  2. Very cute wrapping!
    I used to love making pom poms! This re-inspires me! :o)
    Merry Christmas!