day 11...winter picture frame art.

welcome to day eleven.

holy cow time is flying by. day eleven already? christmas is getting closer and closer by the minute. are you getting excited?

today's tutorial is...

winter picture frame art {$7.99}.
{because i couldn't think of a better name for this random project}

what you need.

8 1/2 x 11" picture frame (glass removed). 2 types of fabric (i used a flannel and a large grain linen). hot glue gun. 5 x7 "heavy duty card stock. pine cones.

step one. wrap one of your fabrics around the backing of your picture frame, use your hot glue gun to set the fabric in place.

step two. wrap the second fabric around the heavy duty card stock, using your hot glue gun again to set the fabric in place..

step three. glue the card stock to the picture frame backing.

step four. arrange your pine cones on the card stock panel, and hot glue into place.

step five. set aside and let cool/set completely.

here's the final product. pretty cute huh? i got the idea from here, but i didn't really want to pay the $52 dollars to get it. so i collected some pine cones from our neighbor's tree and used some fabric scraps i have been collecting. the only thing i had to buy was the frame (which i got for 50% off at hobby lobby).

happy wednesday!

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