day 17...yarn pom poms.

welcome to day seventeen!
only one more tutorial to go.
today's how-to is for all of you last minute gift wrappers, like myself. it's....
yarn pom poms.
{they are super quick and easy, and add just the right amount of fun to any gift, if i do say so myself}

what you need.

yarn. scissors.

step one. wrap the yarn around your fingers 15 times, then cut off the end with scissors.

step two. carefully slide the yarn off your fingers. take a strand of yarn and wrap it around the middle of the loops. tie a knot to secure.

step three. using your scissors, snip each loop end.
step four. fluff your pom pom and enjoy.

i make a bunch of these at a time so they are ready for me as soon as i get done with the wrapping paper. they take hardly any time at all, so make a bunch for yourself and enjoy.
2 days until Christmas!!! Anyone have exciting plans for the holiday?
happy thursday!


day 15....pennant note cards.

it's day fifteen! today's tutorial...
pennant note cards.

what you need.4"x 6" note cards. craft paper cut into small triangles. sewing machine.
step one. lay out triangles onto each note card, to see how many triangles you need for each card. i used four pennant shapes on each card, but you may need more or less depending on the size of your triangles.

 step two. using your sewing machine, sew pennants onto each note card.

step three.write little thank you messages, love letters, or whatever else you can think of...and enjoy.
this is a super easy way to personalize note cards any time of year. i made a big stack of these in less than 30 minutes, so they aren't a time consuming project either. feel free to customize your cards to your aestheic too...have fun with colors, textures, and patterns. these will be used as some of our christmas thank you's this year.

happy tuesday!{monica}


day 12....yarn and lace trees.

welcome to day twelve!
today's tutorial is....
yarn and lace trees

what you need.

2 tree forms. ivory and crimson yarn. hot glue gun. crimson buttons. miscellaneous ivory lace and trimmings. glue gun.

step one. using a hot glue gun, wrap yarn around both tree forms.

step two. for the first tree, wrap crimson yarn around the tree in a criss-cross pattern, using your glue gun to adhere the yarn.

step three. hot glue a crimson button to each yarn cross-point.
step four. for the second tree....using a variety of ivory lace and trimmings, wrap pieces at random around the tree using a hot glue gun to hold each piece in place.
step five. set trees aside to let cool/dry completely.

this projects leaves lots of room for creativity, so feel free to use different colors or textiles than i did. have fun with this one!
happy thursday!


day 11...winter picture frame art.

welcome to day eleven.

holy cow time is flying by. day eleven already? christmas is getting closer and closer by the minute. are you getting excited?

today's tutorial is...

winter picture frame art {$7.99}.
{because i couldn't think of a better name for this random project}

what you need.

8 1/2 x 11" picture frame (glass removed). 2 types of fabric (i used a flannel and a large grain linen). hot glue gun. 5 x7 "heavy duty card stock. pine cones.

step one. wrap one of your fabrics around the backing of your picture frame, use your hot glue gun to set the fabric in place.

step two. wrap the second fabric around the heavy duty card stock, using your hot glue gun again to set the fabric in place..

step three. glue the card stock to the picture frame backing.

step four. arrange your pine cones on the card stock panel, and hot glue into place.

step five. set aside and let cool/set completely.

here's the final product. pretty cute huh? i got the idea from here, but i didn't really want to pay the $52 dollars to get it. so i collected some pine cones from our neighbor's tree and used some fabric scraps i have been collecting. the only thing i had to buy was the frame (which i got for 50% off at hobby lobby).

happy wednesday!


day 10...candy cane bark.

welcome to day ten!
we are officially more than half way through the 18 day tutorial. which means christmas is getting closer and closer, and i can't wait.
today's tutorial....
candy cane bark.
{for those of us with a holiday sweet tooth}

what you need.

2 12 oz bags of white chocolate chips. 1 c rice crispies. 2 candy canes crushed. wax paper/silicone cookie sheet.

step one. in a medium sized mixing bowl, melt the white chocolate chips in the microwave. it took two minutes with my microwave, but time may vary on yours. check it about every 30 seconds.

step two. remove chocolate from the microwave, and stir until smooth.

step three. stir in 1c of rice crispies.

step four. pour mixture onto wax paper or silicone baking sheet and spread evenly.

step five. sprinkle crushed candy canes over the top of the chocolate/rice crispies mixture.

step six. set mixture aside and let chocolate cool completely.

step seven. once mixture is cooled, break the bark up into pieces and enjoy.

this is a perfect recipe for the "non-baker's" like myself. they make great little thank you gifts around the holidays. just box them up in cute little to-go boxes like these and you are good to go.

happy tuesday!


day 9...scandinavian inspired felt ornaments

welcome to day nine!
today's tutorial is...
scandinavian inspired felt ornaments {$7}.

my inspiration for this tutorial, came from my grandma's cousin dana, who has an amazing swedish ornament collection. i fell in love with the simple lines and shapes along with the vibrant colors...which i tried to recreate in this simple craft.

what you need.

felt. embroidery needle. embroidery thread. glue. scissors. card stock. a variety of ribbon/trim.

step one. cut out some scandinavian inspired shapes. i free handed these four shapes so they aren't perfect, but feel free to use these as a template.

step two. trace the ornament shapes onto your felt. you will need two of each shape for one ornament (a front/back).

step three. cut out the shapes.

step four. using any extra felt scraps, ribbon, and/or trim...begin designing each ornament. have fun with this step. the sky is the limit.

step five. glue your design to the felt.

step six. glue the front of the ornament to the back piece. set aside to dry.

step seven. once the glue is dried. using your embroidery needle and thread, hand stitch a border around each of your ornaments, starting at the top and finishing at the top of your ornament. this is both for decoration, and to secure your pieces in place.

step eight. when stitching. leave a length of thread at the top of the ornament when you start and when you finish, that way you will have some extra thread to hang your ornaments with.

step nine. sit back and enjoy your beautiful little creations.

aren't these fun? normally, i am not a fan of such bright colors, but i love the look of these on a small scale tree or in a child's room. you can easily customize the color palette to match anything you need.

happy monday!



day 8...paper globe ornaments

welcome to day eight!
yea, it's friday! is anyone else excited for the weekend? i am not sure if i am more excited to have two days away from work or for the fact that i get to see the nutcracker with my hubby tonight? i think it's a little bit of both! either way, i just hope this day goes by quickly.

ok, enough of that...onto today's tutorial. i'm excited to share this one with you. it's one of those things that looks really difficult, but it's surprisingly easy. today's craft...
paper globe ornaments.

what you need for 6 globe ornaments.
48 strips of paper cut to 5" x 1/4". 12 brads. small hole punch.

step one. using your small hole punch, punch a hole in both ends of each strip of paper.

step two. stack 8 strips of paper on top of each other so all the holes line up.

step three. stick a brad through each end of the 8 strips.

step four. gently begin to fan out each strip of paper.

step five. continue fanning the strips of paper until you get a circular shape.

step six. pinch the brads together. this will help set the brads and round out the globe.

step seven. repeat these steps 5 more times, until all 6 ornaments are complete.

step eight. place ornaments on your tree and enjoy.
{here are our ornaments on this little red tree on the three seasons porch}

if you have the time to make a bunch of these globes, tie them to some yarn/string and they make a great garland as well! just be careful with them, because they are extremely fragile.

have a great weekend everyone! anyone have fun plans?

happy friday! {monica}