pumpkin house numbers.

last sunday was pumpkin carving day at our house.
don't you just love carving pumpkins? even though it's messy, it's such a fun fall thing to do!

this year instead of carving my usual pumpkin face, i decided to use the pumpkin to indicate our house number. since it is getting dark so early these days, i figured this would be a great way to designate our address to evening visitors. plus, i figure an address is not very halloween-ish, so we will be able to keep the pumpkin out front for as long as the pumpkin stays fresh.

hope everyone is having a great week!!! it's almost friday...which means it's almost the weekend, and chris and i are getting out of town for the weekend to visit family. we can't wait!

happy thursday!



orange front door.

remember my to-do list post here...
well we can cross...paint the front door orange...off of the list.

i went home on my lunch break today to find the front door orange, a 2nd coat of yellow paint on the crib, and the trim paint on the house all done.
{and chris skipping school...might i add}
but, if he is gonna skip school...at least he's productive.
happy thursday!


progress part three.

we have now arrived at the house painting home stretch.
all of the gray paint is on the house (with the exception of two of the eaves and the garage), and the trim paint is just a few days from completion.
thanks to the gorgeous weather we have been having, chris is thinking he will have the painting done by this weekend every thing goes as planned.

{here is the front of our house}

all finished, except for the front door paint.

{west side of our house}

chris started the trim paint on this side last night.

{our three seasons front porch}

all finished, except for the new front door paint.
and best of all, all of our front porch furniture is now out of the living room and back where it belongs on the freshly painted porch.

my next progress report will be when the house is all completed.
i can't wait to see it all finished!!
happy tuesday!