exterior paint saga

a while back, chris and i decided to paint our house. sounds like a fairly easy job right?
well, that's what we thought about 5 months ago! but, boy were we wrong.
you see...it's not the painting that is difficult...it's the prep work.
scraping paint off the trim to be exact. it has been a complete nightmare, and the bane of our existence.
but, there is finally a light at the end of the paint-scraping tunnel. in a couple weeks we are hoping to finally have all of the scraping completed (hoping being a key word), so we can get onto the easy stuff....the painting.

and speaking of paint, we finally chose our colors-granite, ivory, and orange.
{like the photo above} we love the traditional aspect of the gray and ivory, with the orange doors for a modern pop of color.

chris is off to buy the paint today, since there is a huge labor day paint sale, so there is no turning back once it's purchased.

happy thursday!



  1. omgoodness i LOVE the contrast of gray & orange! Orange is my favorite color. :]

    And my mom would go about changing the porch color every two years or so because she'd get sick of it and EVERY time, all the sanding and priming was such a hassle. I can't even imagine doing a whole house!

    but your hard work has paid of well, it seems :]

  2. LOVE the colors!! Can't wait to see the project. Make sure to take lots of pictures. We just got done painting my grandparents house and yes, getting that paint off feels like it'll NEVER end. Hope to post pictures soon. Can't wait to see how yours turns out. :-)

  3. we should have called you guys to help scrape ashley, since you guys are the seasoned veterans....i will take pictures as soon as it is complete, which could be a while.

  4. I love, love, love your choices. It makes me want to repaint. But not really repaint. That is a BIG DEAL!!! Best of luck to you. It will be most likely brutal, but so very, very worth it.
    Speaking of paint, the crib came white...
    But I have a friend who painted her crib with non-toxic paint and survived. It is possible? Annoying, but possible.