18 weeks and counting.

i have been debating for months whether or not i want to make
this announcement on my blog...but we are just too darn excited not to.
i'm pregnant.
18 weeks pregnant to be exact.
and we couldn't be happier about this little twist in our life
(although, i was completely freaked out at first).
from what my friends all say, you are never fully "ready" for a baby, but after the initial shock...chris and i really feel we are ready for our little guy/girl to arrive.

so far, this pregnancy has been wonderful. i have only gained 2lbs. no sickness. just a little fatigue at first. i am still able to wear all my clothes, although my pants are feeling a little tighter these days.

here is my most recent belly shot (which to be honest, i pushed my belly out on).

ok, that's enough of my "i'm pregnant" blog, sorry if it bores you....but like i said....we are just too darn excited not to say anything. i will give another belly update in a few weeks when we get to find out what we are having. any predictions??/

happy wednesday!



  1. congrats monica - being a mom is the most rewarding gift!
    i have no predictions on what sex the babe is... but i'm looking forward to you letting us know!

  2. congratulations!! that is so so exciting! so does this put your due date end of February/early March? And will you find out the gender, or wait to be surprised?

  3. yep, that post made me smile. glad you came out with it on your blog! :-)

  4. congratulations! you look adorable. :)

  5. Congratulations! How exciting!

  6. Congratulations! It sounds like so far pregnancy is treating you well. Thanks for the comment :)

  7. Holy Cow! This is great news! Yay! Very excited for you both. Now we really will need to come visit the Midwest:) Btw, have you checked out this website: http://www.newdressaday.com/. I think you might find it interesting since you are into fashion.

  8. Congratulations you two!!!! Welcome to the ride...this part is kind of like that first climb up the roller coaster:)