18 weeks and counting.

i have been debating for months whether or not i want to make
this announcement on my blog...but we are just too darn excited not to.
i'm pregnant.
18 weeks pregnant to be exact.
and we couldn't be happier about this little twist in our life
(although, i was completely freaked out at first).
from what my friends all say, you are never fully "ready" for a baby, but after the initial shock...chris and i really feel we are ready for our little guy/girl to arrive.

so far, this pregnancy has been wonderful. i have only gained 2lbs. no sickness. just a little fatigue at first. i am still able to wear all my clothes, although my pants are feeling a little tighter these days.

here is my most recent belly shot (which to be honest, i pushed my belly out on).

ok, that's enough of my "i'm pregnant" blog, sorry if it bores you....but like i said....we are just too darn excited not to say anything. i will give another belly update in a few weeks when we get to find out what we are having. any predictions??/

happy wednesday!



progress part two.

we had grand plans to finish painting the trim work this weekend,
but mother nature wasn't on the same page with us.
saturday, two of chris's friends came over in the pouring rain to help, bless their hearts, but all they could do was scrape paint since it was literally pouring down rain (with occasional thunder and lightning too just to make it a little more interesting). the poor guys were soaking wet and freezing cold!
on a positive note, the screened in porch was able to get painted.
there are lots of touch ups to do still, but here is one of the walls nearly complete.

on another positive note....since it rained all weekend, i got a bunch of crafting done.
finally, i was able to finish up all the projects that have been sitting on my craft table for months now.
projects completed were...
burlap/felt wreath for our front door (pics to come)
2 baby onsies for friends (pics to come)
2 necklaces for a birthday gifts
6 rosette headbands
oh and one last exciting thing....i got my sweater in the mail, that had been patienly waiting for....
it was the one i blogged about last week here...the colorful grandfather cardigan.
it came just in time for me to wear it to my friend rachel's birthday lunch.
for a rainy gloomy weekend, we got a lot done.
how was your weekend?
happy monday!


let the painting begin.

look who started painting this weekend...
my super-husband chris.

i can't wait until it's all done!! so we can have our weekends back again.

i'll be sure to post pictures of the final product.

happy monday!



exterior paint saga

a while back, chris and i decided to paint our house. sounds like a fairly easy job right?
well, that's what we thought about 5 months ago! but, boy were we wrong.
you see...it's not the painting that is difficult...it's the prep work.
scraping paint off the trim to be exact. it has been a complete nightmare, and the bane of our existence.
but, there is finally a light at the end of the paint-scraping tunnel. in a couple weeks we are hoping to finally have all of the scraping completed (hoping being a key word), so we can get onto the easy stuff....the painting.

and speaking of paint, we finally chose our colors-granite, ivory, and orange.
{like the photo above} we love the traditional aspect of the gray and ivory, with the orange doors for a modern pop of color.

chris is off to buy the paint today, since there is a huge labor day paint sale, so there is no turning back once it's purchased.

happy thursday!