i love a sun porch.

with the last days of summer upon us,
the sun porch has become one of my favorite places in our home.

last night, the dogs and i spent the evening soaking up some sun on the porch. i opened all the windows since there was a beautiful breeze, watched leaves fall, people watched, and relaxed (bug free might i add).

the dogs love people watching with me. they could sit up on the couch with me for hours...make-believing they are big dogs.

all-in-all it was a perfect night (well almost perfect, since chris was stuck inside, and couldn't enjoy the evening with us). watching all the leaves start to drop, made me excited for fall.
and decorating for fall....since after all, it is my favorite season.
how do you like to spend your last days of summer?
happy tuesday!

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  1. i love that first photo - the light looks so beautiful!