easy chair makeover.

sunday, when chris and i were driving home from church we noticed this chair sitting on the curbside amongst some other freebies.
i had been looking for a chair to put by the door on our front porch
(for taking shoes off and such)
so, we snatched up the chair and headed home.

when we got home and started checking the chair out, i was pleasantly surprised with the quality. this sucker is heavy (solid wood, i'm assuming).

now the cleanliness of the chair was another story. it was completely nasty, stained, food in the crevasses, and the wood was completely covered by a sticky mystery film.

after a deep cleaning. it was time to tackle recovering the seat.

i had some extra upholstery fabric, which we used to cover the seat.

chris got to use a staple gun so he was excited about that.

once the fabric was stapled in place, all i had to do was screw it back onto the frame.
it was a simple fix.

here it is on the front porch.
i am still planning on white washing the wood when i get some time,
but for now i am pretty darned happy with our find.
don't you just love freebies? and unexpected finds?
happy thursday!


  1. what a great find! love the fabric - you did a wonderful job.

  2. this DOES look easy...and cute too! I need to get better at being crafty. Sadly just walking into Michael's makes me go cross-eyed.

  3. i have a chair really similar to that, actually, at the desk in my crafting room, and flojo has chewed the fabric on the seat (which i'm not so upset about since it's 70's orange burlap), soi need to replace it like you did, but i'm just too lazy!

  4. This looks fantastic!!!! Great job! ;) I LOVE freebies!!