what a great weekend.

as i said in my last blog, chris and i had a great weekend in michigan visiting family. it was a much needed long weekend for chris with his rigorous school schedule as of late.

instead of boring you with a bunch of babble about the trip...i figured i will replace my possible long wind-ed-ness with a bunch of highlights from our trip.

1. arriving at my aunt and uncle's house, after 8 hours of driving.
(their yard and house are beautiful)

2. visiting the university of michigan campus.
it's massive.

{the law school was beyond beautiful---i wish we brought our "real" camera, to take a picture of the ceiling, it was hand carved}
{catching up with my aunt and uncle outside the new business school}

3. visiting the detroit institute of arts.
{chris and i in front of diego rivera's "detroit industry" }
{my aunt and i being served a virtual 18th century 3 course meal. we had never seen anything like this}
{my freaky little face...with freaky little statues}

4. eating at this french restaurant
{my handsome, smart and single cousin glen and his friend sam met up with us at lunch}

5. tigers v. oakland game at comerica park
{the gang excited for the game. please notice who got the most air...me, thank you very much}
{amazing downtown detroit view from our seats. detroit gets a bad wrap...and yeah there are some ruff areas but it's a beautiful city}
{fireworks after the game}

6. hiking the peony garden at the university of michigan's botanical gardens

{glen and i with some tired puppies}
{mr. bolt excited for his walk}

7. brunch on our way home with ericka in chicago here
{ericka and i have been friends for forever. we played softball together growing up. our mom's volunteer together. our dad's drink beer together. it's crazy how we both live in the midwest now? oh....please note we ate next to "the oprah show" studio in the west loop...which we are posing in front of}

special thanks to my aunt and uncle for being such great hosts.
special thanks to charlevoix (my aunt and uncle's 15 year old golden retriever) for not kicking my dog's butts when they got annoying.

what a good weekend!



  1. What I liked most was in #5 you wrote "ruff" like a dog instead of "rough"...hehe! You make me giggle.

  2. I know shell. I probably should have used italics or something so people don't think I'm insane...but its a joke. When we were in detroit we saw a shirt that said "detroit is ruff" and a guy walking by barked at him. It was pretty hilarious!!!

    Miss ya girly!

  3. oh that does sound like a fun weekend! glad you all enjoyed yourselves :)

  4. glad you had such a good time in AA!