park. picnic. puzzle.

we had the most perfect summer evening last night.
which included the park for a picnic and some exercise.
and our backyard for a bonfire and a puzzle on the back patio.
the weather was perfect. low 80s and sunshine.

here's our bag all packed up for the park

chris scoping out the best spot for our picnic

our dogs love this park.
they don't have to wear leashes, so they can be wild dogs.

a full and happy hubby after the picnic.

when we got home, we started a bonfire.
had some drinks and put together a puzzle.
by the way, when chris saw this puzzle,
he informed me i need to buy more "manly" puzzles.
what? a field of tulips isn't "manly"?
maybe next time, i will buy a transformers puzzle or something?
sometimes my husband says the funniest things..

it was a great night.
hope you are all having a great week. and getting ready for the long weekend.
happy wednesday!

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