look of the day and a weekend re-wind.

happy monday everyone....hope everyone enjoyed their weekends.
chris and i had a low key couple of days. we had a hot, hot weekend. saturday was so hot and muggy, i just wanted to lay on the couch in the A/C and watch the world cup soccer. was anyone else bummed about the game? the US played hard and were clearly a better team, but it seemed to me like Ghana just wanted it more. did anyone else think that, or am i just imagining things?
saturday night, we had date night. since, it was still muggy at 8pm we decided on an "indoor date" which consisted of ice cream and borders book shopping.
sunday, after church we went and saw the movie, "Grown Ups". it was a typical adam sandler movie...but much funnier than i expected. have any of you seen it? what did you think?
after the movie, we went for a walk. picked up some things at the store and headed home.
here is my church/movie outfit.





necklaces...a bunch of them layered.

shoes...leather...f 21

love these sandals. normally i am not a fan for f 21 shoes (no offense), but these are great. they were completely broken in the very first time i wore them.
i am all about comfort these days.
other than that. we didn't do much.
hope you all had a good weekend.
happy monday!


  1. i love those shoes monica!

    i didn't see those when i was at f21! i'm with you on their shoes though...usually total crap, but i bought a pair of sandals there too last week and they were awesome.

    no worries about being a bad commenter - i've been awful too. blogging is kinda like a full-time job some days!

    hope all is well with you! happy monday!

  2. LOVE the outfit!! We had beautiful weather here this weekend so we were out back in the pool saturday and after church sunday headed to the beach!! Haven't seen the movie yet but I've heard the same- that's it's funnier than most his movies ;)