a fourth of july treat.

i don't know about you guys but when i was a kid i loved bomb pops.
which is why i decided to try homemade bomb pops...
minus all the sugar and artificial food coloring....although it is fun to watch your tongue turn blue.

this first step isn't necessary...

but i was feeling extra patriotic, so i stamped the Popsicle sticks with USA letters.

to make the pops...
all you need are berries, plain yogurt, and honey (or apple juice will work too).
for the red layer....puree some kind of red berries and honey (i used raspberries)
for the white layer.....puree yogurt and honey
for the blue layer....puree blue and/or black berries and honey
the hardest part is being patient while they freeze.
but the payoff is ooohh so sweet.

and ooohh so yummy.

good enough to turn big boys into little boys all over again.

happy tuesday!


  1. mmm, those pops look great! how did you get the layers to stay separate? cool stamp, does it wash off in water? I've been making pops too, strawberry cream pops & orange creamsicles. I've been looking for a bigger popsicle mold, where did you get yours?

  2. Sounds lovely. I love your idea of sweetening it all with honey.

  3. hey ang...

    to get the layers, you have to freeze the popsicles between each layer. it is time consuming, but the only way it works.

    i had looked for forever too for a bigger mold too, the only place i found one was at kmart in their seasonal aisle.

    have a good 4th of july!

  4. Cool, I love Kmart, I'll have to try and get over there. Happy 4th to you's too.