craft...turn your plain white tank into something special.

i'm sure anyone reading this post owns some kind of white tank top.
if you are like me, you probably own many white tanks (aka wife beaters).
hey?! they are comfy and perfect for lazy days around the house, right?

when it comes to fashion, my number one priority is comfort.
so i am always trying to come up with different ways to beautify all-things-comfy.

enter the comfy white tank and this tutorial.

how to beautify your plain white tank.

start with a great patterned fabric cut into circles.
(it's best if the fabric is light weight, but use what you have)

stitch the circles to the front of the tank.

and there you have it.
a pretty fab tank.

super girly
and super unexpected.

happy sunday


  1. i like finding cheapo plain tees and tanks because they're fun to dress up!

    i also like your headband. did you make it?

  2. plain t's are the bestest. i agree.

    yes, i did make the headband. super easy too. braided satin ribbon sewn onto an elastic band in the back.

    you could totally do this. you are WAY craftier than i am!

  3. Love it!! The headband too!!!!

  4. wow this sounds like something even I could do! and it looks super cute, too :)

  5. ...I awarded you on my blog today! :) Come and get your prize!

  6. This is genius! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm happy to have found yours! :)