weekend recap.


chris and i had our friends over for a bbq and bonfire. we provided the burgers and fixin's and our friends provided the rest.

we played games. ate lots of food. and stayed up way past my bed time.
but we had lots of fun

(i was excited to wear my new $9 target red kicks)

i decided not to go to crazy with the decor for the bbq, but i did spice up the buffet table with some flowers from our garden and some antique baskets.

we roasted giant marshmallows, played some bocce ball and catch phrase, and had lots of fun.

the guys tended to the fire while, the ladies chatted.


we got up early and went to the early service at church.
doesn't chris look cute in his church clothes?
granted, he's my husband, so i am completely biased, but i really think he has the greatest style. i don' t know how he does it, but he literally gets ready in 3 minutes flat, and comes out of our room looking like this. he is so darn cute.

after church we came home and bbq'd some pizza.
we didn't have pizza crust so we improvised with some left over indian naan bread.

i rubbed the naan with olive oil and fresh garlic then topped it with some mozzarella, iowa grown tomatoes and basil. it was amazing.

after lunch we took naps, took the dogs for a long walk, and now we are relaxing on the couch watching a movie.

all-in-all, it was a great weekend.

hope you all had a great relaxing weekend.

happy sunday!

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  1. What an awesome weekend...that pizza looks FABULOUS!