picnic lunch.

chris and i try to get together for lunch everyday, since i work only a few minutes away from home and chris has afternoon classes.

today, we had lunch with a twist.....a backyard picnic.
a perfect way to enjoy the gorgeous weather we had today.

i whipped up some quick greek salads with the roasted garlic hummus i made last night. yummy!

dig loved our leftovers.

bolt could have cared less about us, he was out exploring.

after lunch, i laid out and relaxed a bit while chris got ready for school (secretly wishing i didn't have to go back to work).

here he is....my smarty husband. ready for school.

if only we could always have lunch like this.
but i guess if we did, we probably would not appreciate it as much.

happy wednesday!


  1. I awarded you on my blog... :)

  2. Sounds like a great break in the day!

  3. This looks like so much fun! Wasn't the weather perfect yesterday!? It's pretty windy already today.