b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l weather.

we couldn't have asked for better weather the past couple days.
and we tried our hardest to be outside and enjoy it as much as possible.

last night, we hit the isu cross-country course with the dogs for a long walk to enjoy the sunshine. our neighbor runs the course a lot and recommended we take our dogs down there, and now we know why. it was gorgeous! i can't believe we hadn't gone there before? it's only a couple blocks from our house, but somehow we missed it? the course had wild flowers galore, a creek for the pups to swim in, and lots of hills for us to burn some calories.

after the long walk, we rested in the grass for a while, then chris went home to work on his final projects and i took dig on a bike ride. yes, you heard me. i take my dog on bike rides. and i am not afraid to admit it. i actually think he likes the bike ride more than i do!

tomorrow we have storms in the forecast.
so, im glad we could get out and enjoy the weather while it lasts.

hope you all are having a great week. tomorrow is thursday, which means the weekend is getting closer. yippe

happy wednesday!


picnic lunch.

chris and i try to get together for lunch everyday, since i work only a few minutes away from home and chris has afternoon classes.

today, we had lunch with a twist.....a backyard picnic.
a perfect way to enjoy the gorgeous weather we had today.

i whipped up some quick greek salads with the roasted garlic hummus i made last night. yummy!

dig loved our leftovers.

bolt could have cared less about us, he was out exploring.

after lunch, i laid out and relaxed a bit while chris got ready for school (secretly wishing i didn't have to go back to work).

here he is....my smarty husband. ready for school.

if only we could always have lunch like this.
but i guess if we did, we probably would not appreciate it as much.

happy wednesday!


weekend recap.


chris and i had our friends over for a bbq and bonfire. we provided the burgers and fixin's and our friends provided the rest.

we played games. ate lots of food. and stayed up way past my bed time.
but we had lots of fun

(i was excited to wear my new $9 target red kicks)

i decided not to go to crazy with the decor for the bbq, but i did spice up the buffet table with some flowers from our garden and some antique baskets.

we roasted giant marshmallows, played some bocce ball and catch phrase, and had lots of fun.

the guys tended to the fire while, the ladies chatted.


we got up early and went to the early service at church.
doesn't chris look cute in his church clothes?
granted, he's my husband, so i am completely biased, but i really think he has the greatest style. i don' t know how he does it, but he literally gets ready in 3 minutes flat, and comes out of our room looking like this. he is so darn cute.

after church we came home and bbq'd some pizza.
we didn't have pizza crust so we improvised with some left over indian naan bread.

i rubbed the naan with olive oil and fresh garlic then topped it with some mozzarella, iowa grown tomatoes and basil. it was amazing.

after lunch we took naps, took the dogs for a long walk, and now we are relaxing on the couch watching a movie.

all-in-all, it was a great weekend.

hope you all had a great relaxing weekend.

happy sunday!


6 things i loved about last night

1. enjoying the sunset at the park

2. kisses from my husband
3. bolt learned how to fetch

4. potted lots of flowers and herbs5. mulched the flower beds

6. my new shoes arrived

don't you just love a night outside with the ones you love?
I know I do!!

What are your plans for the weekend? Anything fun?
We are getting excited for a BBQ with friends tonight....I just hope the weather holds up.
It was sunny this morning, but now it's overcast?
Oh well, we will make the most of any weather we have.

Happy Saturday!!!